BMW M4 GTS (2 of 14)

Every manufacturer has its own in house tuning division of whose purpose is to make a standard production car and create a performance orientated sports car. BMW has its iconic M division that deals with such requests from the consumers, the newest addition being the Concept M4 GTS. This creation shows how a perfect blend of everyday usability along with inbuilt motorsport genes.

The development of this car has seen a higher importance been given to the track tackling ability of the car. The design of the car has obvious accents that highlight the signatory “M” status of the car. The front splitter and the rear wing can be manually adjusted to the driver’s preference and have been designed using carbon fiber for a higher weight reduction and more rigidity. The hood the M4 GTS has also been created out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which has multiple benefits such as lowering the overall weight of the car as well as providing a lower center of gravity, in addition the a wide front air intake helps with optimizing the airflow and reduces the front axle lift.

The car has been painted rather fittingly, Frozen Dark Grey Metallic with Acid Orange accents which fashion a stunning contrast. These combinations along with forged and polished light-alloy wheels which also feature the Acid Orange accent embody a true racecar persona.

The rear taillights of the M4 GTS have also been designed with innovation; they house a new technology of Organic Light Emitting Diodes. This new type of light source produces a full surface homogenous illumination which is both more effective and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

However, through all these features the highlight of the vehicle is the engine technology that has been used to power the M4 GTS’s 3.0-liter Turbocharged V6. The car features a water injection system that is similar to the M4 MotoGP Safety Car however with even more power and torque outputs. The system allows the water to cool down the intake temperature while being applied in a fine spray. This in turn causes the final compression temperature in the combustion chamber to lower and thus reduce any tendency for the engine to “knock”. The overall effect of the water injection means that the turbocharger can use a higher boost pressure and earlier injection timings. Using this system the engine goes under less thermal stress and improves performance.

It is likely that BMW will produce a de-conceptualized version of the M4 GTS ready for production and consumer availability.