Horseless carriages started with no roof. Perhaps when we are driving while seeing the open sky above us, a part of us feels that extra connection with nature.  There are moonroofs and sunroofs or entirely retractable roofs, but now Bugatti gives us a two-paned glass roof. Bugatti understands the value to the driver of being able to feel that spaciousness.

The Chiron can propel a driver towards the horizon at warp speed and now comes with the option for driver and passenger to look into the big blue above.

Advancements in glass making technology has allowed the iconic brand to be able to provide two glass panels that replace the sheet metal. At 25.6 in x 17.3 in the size of the panels provides a panoramic view of the sky. Built from a new laminated structure the panels have high levels of UV resistance. This will severely reduce UV burn and fading effects on the interior. Each panel is specially crafted to reduce wind-noise at the speeds the Chiron is capable of.

The glass is tinted, not only to assist in UV reduction but to provide privacy, perhaps from a photographer’s spying camera lens. Infra-red light waves are blocked so the Chiron’s climate control stays at maximum efficiency.

Safety isn’t compromised, with structural stiffness and chassis rigidity maintained at the superb and high standard that Bugatti engineers into each and every Chiron. Comfort levels are also improved, with an extra 1 inch of headroom being added, ensuring carefully prepared hairstyles have even less chance of being damaged.

Bugatti will present the glass-roofed optioned Bugatti at the forthcoming Monterey Car Week in California at the end of August, 2018, where final pricing is expected to be confirmed.