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Bugatti has been known for the last decade or so for producing one of the most breath taking vehicles on the planet, the Veyron. When produced, it was the fastest, the most expensive and the most robust car to enter the automotive world. Various versions were created after the original each more exclusive than the previous. However, Bugatti feel that a new project must be undertaken, the Vision Gran Turismo.

At the 66th International Motor Show Bugatti will be unveiling the digital concept of the virtual race car, inspired by the Gran Turismo video game. The design of the car will be celebrating Bugatti’s illustrious racing history in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

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The design specification was to highlight the LeMans style racing cars with reference to the previous racers that Bugatti has produced. The historic blue color of the Type 57 Tank has been carried over to the new car in a two tone fashion.

Since the category that the car will be racing in will have little or no reference to real road cars, this allows creative artistic freedom in designing the car, taking into a more focused performance orientated vehicle. The virtual race car was developed in close coordination with Bugatti engineers and is based on the latest technology and aerodynamics.

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The head at Bugatti Design, Achim Anscheidt, claims that the car was created with two factors in mind, the mixture of beauty and the beast. The car was not to be a redesign of the LeMans champion, but to become a new embodiment of Bugatti’s progression into the modern racing world.

The cars influence can be seen on the exterior through the use of large convex surfaces in contrast to concave transitions and strong lines. Through this technique precision in vehicle styling and increased surface tensions increase. The car exonerates a racer persona.

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Hints of classic Bugatti styling can be seen, the front grille remains the same horseshoe shape. The purpose falls deeper than only aesthetic purposes; the grille is placed in front of the front air intake as three dimensional sculpture and provides structural support for the wings and the front splitter. The headlights house an eight eyed design which was created specifically for the Vision Gran Turismo.

A historic design feature that was used in the new Vision Gran Turismo was the center fin which originated from the Type 57. They are various fins placed on the front and rear wings in order to help the car maintain a higher level of aerodynamic stability.

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The virtual race car will be developed as a tribute to the fans of Bugatti and Gran Turismo. The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo will be shown at the IAA in Frankfurt from the 17th -27th September 2015.