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In the race of developing the next big thing in automobiles, China’s NextEV has brought to life, what is said to be the fastest electric car in the world, NIO EP9. It is rightly referred to as the electric supercar. A noted team in the Formula E circuit, NextEV, has envisioned the building of a global electric supercar brand that will be the car of the future. The company wants the users to experience a car that is not only an electric car but a well designed electric super car that also delivers phenomenal performance.

The car completed a lap around the 20.8km Green Hell circuit in 7minutes 05.12seconds, officially making it the fastest electric car on earth on 12 Oct 2016. To add to the accomplishment the NIO EP9 also smashed the 2m40sec records at the Circuit Paul Ricard, France by clocking 1m52.78 seconds on 4 Nov 2016. With these two timings, the car established its dominance when it comes to electric supercars.

The NextEV NIO EP9 has a top speed of 194mph {313 kph} and an acceleration of 0-124mph in 7.1 seconds. The car can be charged in mere 45 minutes and it has a range of 265mph (427 kms) in a single charge. In order to have structural stability to combine with the aerodynamic design, the car chassis and cockpit is built with carbon. This enables greater maneuverability in the corners by achieving a greater down force at higher speed turns as well.

More than what the eye sees, the interior of the car also incorporates cutting edge technology. It has the ideal e-control structure and sensor system to make it capable of autonomous driving as well. The car also has latest features for digital interaction and instant sharing capabilities giving you a lot more than just a driving experience.

Next EV NIO EP9 is definitely going to push the envelope, at least that’s what the goal is. With unmatched electric supercar performance and design, this can be the new gold standard when it comes to electric supercars.