McLaren has launched a  new supercar the 87th Geneva International Motorshow, the 720S. The company has allowed enthusiasts to view the car completely on the company website and has also developed a microsite specifically for the car. It features a digital configurator which allows users to design and specify the car according to their needs. McLaren has used this approach to provide a direction and interact with potential interested customers for the 720S.

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The Experience

After logging on the website ( you are greeted by a very well designed lay out depicting the overall features of the 720S. Towards the right side of the webpage their is a tab that is called the ”Configurator”. This is where the real magic begins. The first stage of the configuration process is the selection of which Specification of the car is to be chosen, 720S, 720S Luxury and 720S Performance. Once the specific trim is selected the paint selection is next. McLaren gives you a choice of 34 exterior paint colors that also include the special MSO options as well.

The next tab is the Brakes and Wheels for the car. McLaren offers 3 different rim types with three different wheel finishes. Once the rim has been selected, brake caliper color options are available in 8 different variants, all specifications are for a standard carbon ceramic brake. The final option in this tab is tire choice, the user may choose between Pirelli P Zero or Pireli P Zero Corsa.

One of the most elaborate tabs is the exterior tab, it has 20 different exterior segments that can be altered for the exact look that the user is after. They revolve around the aspect of introducing the stock standard paint finish that the car comes with or with an exposed carbon fiber outlook, finally certain panels of the car are also catered to the special MSO touch. There are pre-defined carbon packs as well for people who want to McLaren to choose which segments of the car will look better to them in a carbon fiber finish. They range from different vents of the car to the rear wing and diffusers.

The interior options of the 720S are nearly as elaborate as the exterior options. There are an array of things that can be customized for the perfect look for the car according to the user. There are certain restrictions that are implemented in the design process according to the specific trim that you choose, the standard 720S does not have as many features as the Luxury or Performance editions. The latter of the variants are welcomed to different inserts of carbon fiber and MSO options as well. The basic model benefits with the option of Sports or Comfort seats. McLaren gets you to even choose what type of finish you want for your air vents.

Entertainment options are available with a Bowers & Wilkins 12-speaker setup for all variants. There is also an option for additional track telemetry with 3 cameras as well, a favorite for those willing to take the 720S on racing circuits.

The security and safety options for the 720S are well stocked as well. McLaren offers a variety of sensors and assists to help cater to the driver. Customers can also avail the optional vehicle tracking system if they feel that the car is in danger of being stolen.

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The final category for the 720S configurator is the Practical section. This section entails all the other essentials and options that a user might require. These include things such as an ash tray or floor mats, an interesting option here is the Li-Ion Battery Charger, this would be definite requirement for faster and safer charges of the cars hybrid battery system.

McLaren has the right setup for attracting attention to the 720S, allowing users to create the exact model of what they might be purchasing is the easiest way to get a feel of the car from the benefit of a website.