Making good looking, fun to drive convertibles is not easy, it requires a certain skill set and talent that only few manufacturers are able to successfully capture. They personify memories that are difficult to fathom but certain vehicles help you etch those memories for years to come. Mercedes has done quite well with this segment, and the new E-400 cabriolet is a point to be noted.

The E-400 Cabriolet is its own car, it no longer shares a chassis with the C-Class and is more closely built with the E-Class sedan. The engine is a win-turbocharged V-6 with 329 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox, which can either send the power to all four wheels in the 4MATIC version or just the rear wheels in the standard car. The 4MATIC edition has evolved into an enthusiastic sports car, the grip allows for drivers to have more confidence while turning at speed. This coupled with an accurate steering setup allows for an enjoyable ride. Performance figures range for the 0-60 mph marker range from 5.0 to 5.3 seconds depending on the model chosen.

The same coil-spring suspension and adaptive dampers found in the E400 coupe are standard fare in the convertible. Eco, Sport, Sport+, and Individual modes allow the driver a measure of control over ride firmness, transmission programming, and throttle response. Mercedes addressed the ailing issue of convertibles flexing due to the lack of a roof by stiffening the front end and body.

The interior of the E400 Cabriolet is a cocoon of luxury. Interior trim options feature natural grain wood. The soft-top, when erect, silences the cabin to provide a sedan like sensation. The rear seats are also very well designed, allowing for 4 average sized adults to easily fit into the car, a major concern when buying convertibles. Rear seats are also heated for more comfort.

The E-400 Cabriolet features a plethora of gadgets and luxuries that could make someone easily mistake it for an S-Class. Adjustable, 64-shade ambient lighting, an aromatherapy system, and massaging seats are on the options list, too. A package of optional active-safety technology allows the E-class to cruise autonomously for brief stretches before it requests that the driver put a hand on the wheel. Other luxuries also include features such as Aircap, a windshield header that rises to deflect air and reduce buffeting. Mercedes has also introduced Airscarf, this technology blows heated air through the front headrests so that people who live in colder temperatures are able to enjoy the car for later periods of time.

The 2018 E-400 Cabriolet is the perfect answer for those who are looking for a machine that can easily eat up the motorway miles while at the same time be an effective daily driver around town. Prices for the E-400 Cabriolet Standard and 4MATIC model are $66,000 and $69,000 respectively.