Lamborghini has been the brand that has always provided the automotive world with a sense of lunacy through its vehicle designs as well as their performances. The new Huracan, which was a replacement for the Gallardo, enjoyed great acceptance by the automotive world in 2014. However, Lamborghini felt that after two years, in order to stay competitive they needed to provide the car with updated features their buyers wanted. The focuses of these updates were on the efficiency, drivability and luxury of the Huracan.

While highlighting the aspect of efficiency, the Huracan has a cylinder deactivation feature; this is to improve the overall engine effectiveness. This is a pioneering feat in regards to applying this feature to a naturally aspirated V10 engine. The cylinder deactivation operates in such a manner that when the engines full capacity is not required, it shuts off 5 of the 10 cylinders to save fuel. When the driver requires full power, the car through an instantaneous process automatically turns on all 10 cylinders.

The four wheel drive system of the car has also been altered to provide a more improved driving response to the person behind the wheel, especially in STRADA mode.


Customization for the Huracan has been increased through a wider selection of interior and exterior color options. These include Heritage Colors and matt paints. The customization program allows for the driver to create a space and car that they truly own, and showcase their personal taste and provide a point of differentiation with other Huracan owners.

Discussing the entertainment options for buyers, Lamborghini is now offering their Sensonum audio system for the Huracan. This system has the capability of delivering 390 Watts RMS, through a ten channel amplifier and a range of 10 speakers which are shaped in a hexagonal manner with the Sensonum badge engraved in them.

The exhaust system can also be replaced with a sports exhaust system with the style package for high gloss tailpipes. LED lighting has been used in the engine compartment and can be used in combination with the optional transparent engine bonnet and carbon fiber compartment.

Other changes that can be highlighted are that the cruise control can be specified   as well as a travel pack which provides additional storage nets at the front and rear of the car as well as a 12V lighter and cup-holders.