Porsche proves the pinnacle of excellence of German engineering. Their current lineup shows the acceptance towards a new direction and their cars are evidence of that. The new Boxster Spyder is an example of an uncompromised, stunning and brilliant roadster. It is the purist of roadsters currently available in the market.

The current Boxster Spyder carries forward the elegant styling of the previous model however certain modifications have been made in order to improve the cars overall performance. The new car is the lightest model available in the current lineup of Boxers. This is as result of lighter materials being used around the car such as an aluminum trunk lid and reduced noise insulation materials which have lowered the overall weight of the car by 66 pounds as compared to its brother the Boxster GTS. This has also improved the center of gravity for the car thus making it more stable and easier to handle.

Technology has played a vital role in the production of the new Boxster Sypder. Certain options such as the dynamic transmission mounts prevent the movement of the transmission and engine units in order to keep the cars weight distribution standardized regardless of the situation that the car is being put through. Porsche Torque Vectoring system helps ensure even power distribution to the rear wheels as wheel as providing inside braking on the rear wheels for a quicker and more agile response while driving round corners.

This Boxster Spyder is the most powerful one till date. The engine unit that propels this roadster rocket is borrowed from the bigger 911 Carrera S. It is a 3.8-liter six cylinder direct injection engine that is able to deliver 375 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a six speed manual gearbox which allows the car to reach performance figures of 4.3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.

The interior of the new Boxster Spyder is a cabin that promotes pure driving pleasure. The car has been designed to provide the maximum thrill of driving on the track while still being able to be road car on the other days. Optional extras such as full bucket seats with lateral supports can be fitted to the car in order to create an even deeper effect of the track capabilities that this car is talented enough to perform. The top has also been redesigned to be much easier to be opened and deployed as well as pulled down as compared to the previous car.

The new Boxster Spyder will retail for $82,100.