V12 engine. Classic Maranello Red paint. 2.9 seconds to 62mph thanks to superb aerodynamics. Superfast? Ferrari hasn’t been known to hold back in promoting their vehicles, and the Ferrari 812 Superfast is the latest to join the ranks.

It’s the successor to the F12berlinetta. Yes, all one word. The engine has grown slightly, from 6.3L to 6.5L. Power has increased to 789 horsepower. But you’ll need a racetrack to exploit that, as those ponies come in at 8,500 rpm. Peak torque of 530 lb-ft is also at high numbers, 7,000 rpm in fact. However, somehow Ferrari has managed to engineer in 80% of that torque being available from just 3,500rpm. This dramatically increases overall driveability, especially in the urban stop/start environment.


Ferrari has stayed true to their naturally aspirated philosophy, meaning no turbo, no supercharger. Power gets transferred to the tarmac via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transaxle driving the rear wheels. Ferrari also has a first for the 812 Superfast, with Electric Power Steering in one of the brand’s cars for the first time.

The engine is in a front-mid mounted configuration. What this means is that the engine does not sit over the front axle, but rather is pushed back and closer to the engine bay’s firewall. This brings better balance to the chassis, there is better weight distribution at 47% front/53% rear, and by moving the engine backward, it reduces the physics in the case of the moment of inertia.

Aerodynamics has long been a hallmark of the exterior of a Ferrari, and the design and engineering team worked side by side on this for the 812 Superfast. Seen in their discreet positions in the lower quarters of the front bumper are a pair of vanes that move depending on velocity, redirecting airflow around the flanks of the 812 Superfast. Diffusers on the rear edge of the front bumper draw air through from the front and aid the downforce on the nose.


There are sculptured doors with a line that starts rises from the sill that takes that air, flows it over the rear where a small spoiler utilizes that flow for downforce, whilst the whole design helps reduce drag and therefore increase fuel efficiency. Ferrari says the 812 Superfast can range from 9.3mpg to 16.7mpg. The combined figure is 14.6mpg. Emissions also will vary, with 922 grams per mile to 515 grams per mile.

Unseen but just as crucial are three underbody air dams to assist in “sucking” the 812 Superfast down at speed. Brake cooling is also assisted by the front air ducts. The overall increase in downforce over the F12belinetta is 30%. The whole package was overseen by Flavio Mansoni at the Ferrari Design Centre.

Typical high quality looks for the wheels come standard, and the front and rear have a staggered profile. Up front are 275/35 ZR20 with the rear 315/35 ZR20 with rubber from Michelin. These wrap around carbon-ceramic Brembo Extreme Design brakes, and are 398mm x 38mm up front, 360mm x 32mm at the rear. Ferrari claims these have  increased by 5.8% the braking performance from 62mph to zero compared to the F12berlinetta.

Inside, it’s typical minimalistic Ferrari in their top tier vehicles. Leather abounds but technology is kept quiet, with the main controls for the engine mounted on the steering wheel. The aircon controls look basic and have a clean layout, as does the actual display. The driver plants feet on lightweight drilled alloy pedals whilst sitting in an office environment that has a wraparound cockpit style. Both seats are sports styled, leather-clad, and superbly contoured to also wrap around the occupants.

It’s a car for those that have deep pockets, with prices starting from US$338,000.