Class, performance, exclusiveness are terms synonymous with the Ferrari brand. It is the king of automobiles, the ultimate club for the elite. The vehicles are masterpieces of design and are a depiction of what art in cars would be defined as. Even within this brand their exists an ultra exclusive owners club, the lucky few entitled to having the opportunity to own the limited edition models that the company produces. Of these, the most famous in recent times is the aptly named Enzo.

The Enzo (also known as the F60), was the successor to the F50 in the royal lineup of special anniversary edition Ferrari’s. It was made with the intent to honor the founder of the company Enzo Ferrari, and what a befitting way to do so. The car when released was worth $650,000 and now these vehicles due to their nature and rarity are worth nearly $2.9 million and going up. An individual could not just go and purchase an Enzo even if there bank balance did go past the millions, Ferrari would choose the individual after careful scrutiny of their history with the brand and their loyalty making the Enzo a unicorn among its rivals in 2003.

The car is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.0-liter V-12 that produces 650 horsepower and 486 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed semi automatic that then sends the power to the rear wheels which propels the car from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 218 mph.

The technology that was implemented in the Enzo was mimicked from the F1 racing car of Ferrari Scuderia. The Pininfarina-styled Enzo looks intense, purposeful, dramatic, mean, and smaller than the F50. The front end mirrors the F1 car with its raised nose splitting the two side vents, and it’s at odds with the softer, curvaceous tail. Gear shifts are done through the steering mounted F1 paddles making it the closest experience to an F1 car in 2003. The Enzo also had a differential that was very similar to the one that was being used in the Ferrari F1 car of that era as well, it was tested and designed with the help of Michael Schumacher to provide the ultimate driving experience for the most exotic car that was available at that time.

The success of the Enzo is based on the prosperity of the Ferrari Formula 1 team. Having being one of the most successful teams in F1 lineup it has been the dream of many infamous drivers. The Scuderia Ferrari team have been doing extremely well in the current season with Sebastian Vettel currently sitting at the top of the points table ahead of Lewis Hamilton. This weeks race is being held just outside the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. The race is going to be one of the most adrenaline filled event s of the year as the the top two battle it out with each other for the top spot in the rankings with the difference of only one point between them. The Constructors cup is also an aim for Ferrari as they are currently second behind Mercedes and need to play catch-up.