Ferrari is among the most iconic car brands, especially for the racing vehicles. The prancing horse has successfully won many races on the track but only in 2013, at the Geneva Auto Show did the Italian launch its first hybrid engine car, Ferrari LaFerrari. The car was the first one to have the F1 derived hybrid HY-KERS system. The system allowed the car to pump additional horse power through the electric engine. Only 499 unites of this car were produced.

Ferrari LaFerrari is the first car since the 1970s, which is not designed by Pininfarina. The 499 cars were priced at nearly $1.7 million each.

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Now, Ferrari is coming up with the newer version of the limited edition LaFerrari, called the LaFerrari Spider. The convertible is expected to be the fastest vehicle on road with a certain number of modifications. LaFerarri Spider is expected to have an increase in weight due to changes in the chassis of the car. It is also said to have a revision to the roof which will have a removable carbon-fiber panel.

The inside of the LaFerrari is expected to represent a typical Ferrari with the interiors providing luxurious seating that is themed in a race like fashion. The Italian leather soft covers make the car look richer and comfortable as well. A two-tone approach is taken for the dashboard and the rest of the interiors of the car.

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The new version of the LaFerrari will have the 6262cc V12 Engine to enable the car achieve great speed with and nearly 790 horsepower. To add to the power generated by the engine, the HY-KERS engine also supplements additional 160 hp which gives the vehicle nearly 950 hp. With a top speed of 350 kmph, the car can go from 0-100 kmph in less than 3 seconds. The engine generates nearly 970 nm torque which is transmitted to the rear wheels through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

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It is expected to launch in 2017 and Ferrari seems to have identified prospective buyers for their iconic car as well. The number of these Ferraris to be produced is also expected to be fairly limited. A number near to the 50 mark is rumored. It is expected to be priced nearly two times the original LaFerrari at something above $3 million dollars.