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The world was introduced to the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 in a grandeur event at Roundhousetoday, London. It is the first ever vision vehicle from Rolls Royce and definitely is worthy of being the first of its type. The vehicle puts forth the effortlessly aesthetic style of a Rolls Royce and at the same time showcases the future of luxury cars.

Envisioning the demands customers of luxury cars in the future, the developers have ensured that most of the patrons’ requirements have been met with the car. It is also a mark of commitment from Rolls Royce to its loyalists that it will continue to deliver world class luxurious mobility vehicles. While the vehicle is designed keeping in mind the broad needs of the luxury car customers, it also leaves enough room for personalization.

The History

The Vision vehicle is among the four vehicles that BMW announced while celebrating the next 100 years vision in March 2016. On the other hand it is the way Rolls Royce is headed after the 7th generation of phantom was produced. Many consider the phantom to be the best car ever and also the end of a phase for Rolls Royce. With the Vision Next 100, it is a way forward for Rolls Royce as well. All these elements put together lay the foundation for the development of a vehicle that is designed differently and created keeping in mind the needs of the futuristic customer for luxury cars.

The Vision

A lot of the development of the vision vehicle can be attributed to the personal vision of Rolls Royce. The company outgrew the notion that the future car with be more functionality and utility based. In fact the Vision Next 100 is luxurious, automated and built without any compromises. Keeping up with the past of the brand, the futuristic car is created with the best materials and with advancement in the manufacturing techniques, the customer will be able to get more involved with the actual designing and production.

Giles Taylor, Director of Design, Rolls Royce and his team have collected feedback from patrons and their expectations for the car of the future to create the Vision Next 100.

The Journey

For over a century since its inception in 1911, Rolls Royce has been an iconic brand and a significant leader in luxury automobiles. The spirit of ecstasy has been a symbolic association for all Rolls Royce owners and the brand. Now, the voice of Eleanor is also a part of the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100, inspiring it to an effortless journey in the future.

The Arrival in the Sanctuary

As the future of Rolls Royce arrived in the sanctuary of watchers and patrons, the mere size of the car highlighted its grand nature. 5.9 meters in length and 1.6 meters tall, the car embodies the dimensions of the Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase. The two toned car is designed with extremely strong materials but at the same time it remains pretty light.

The upper section of the car is made from dark glass and has a very flowing design, the lower section has a crystal water like theme. With the color tone and design the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 gives the impression of floating from almost any angle.

With a lot of detailing going into the vehicle and a lot of bold steps to make the vehicle as the customers would expect, Rolls Royce has definitely delivered an iconic luxury vehicle for the future.