HInx's Jaguar chases Bond's Aston, which gets stuck behind a Fiat in Via Plauto

Jaguar Concept Car C-X75 was developed with the aim of showcasing how artistic a car can actually be. The entire objective of the development was to showcase the supremacy in designing and performance. Over a period of time Jaguar joined hands with Williams Advanced Engineering to bring to life this all wheel drive, plug-in parallel hybrid vehicle called the Jaguar Concept Car C-X75. It debuted in the Paris Motor Show in 2010.


Hybrid Technology with Optimal Performance

This hybrid car worked with the combination of electric motors at the wheels and two micro gas turbines as generators. A 2-door coupe, it is an out and out sports car which has a tremendous acceleration and a top speed that matches the best in the business. With 778 hp produced from 4 YASA electric motors the car can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 3.4 seconds. It also clocked a top speed of 330 kmph comfortably putting it among the top supercars.


Low Emissions & High Performance on Pure Electric Mode

The car exhibits characteristics of a truly hybrid car with the ability to go 110 kms on the pure electric mode while the overall range of the car is 900 kms with an emission of just 28 grams of Carbon Dioxide per kilometer. The microturbines can be run on a range of fuels thus giving a lot of diversity to the car.


Aerodynamic and Sleek

The C-X75 had a very aerodynamic design in order to enhance the car performance. From the carbon fiber rear diffuser to active aerofoil, the car has a lot of aspects that give it the aerodynamic edge and also contribute to the overall car performance. The Aluminum chassis inspired by an aerospace design helps the car lower the overall weight but at the same time be sustainable with high performance.

HInx's Jaguar chases Bond's Aston, which gets stuck behind a Fiat in Via Plauto

HInx’s Jaguar chases Bond’s Aston, which gets stuck behind a Fiat in Via Plauto

To add to all the aspects that made C-X75 a truly hybrid super car, it also featured in Spectre the 24th edition of the James Bond series thus giving it a lot of global recognition. The production of the limited edition was halted in 2012 due to a global crisis but the car definitely added a feather to Jaguar’s cap when it came to producing hybrid vehicles that delivered strong on-road performance. The cost of the hybrid version was nearly USD 1.3 million.