Jaguar F-Pace SUV

British manufacturers have been able to design cars with great precision and passion but regardless creating a successful compact SUV is a difficult task regardless of the manufacturer. Jaguar has been known for their sedans and sports cars but the new F-Pace creates a whole new segment for Jaguar. The combination of agility and comfort puts the F-Pace ahead of its competitors. Offering an extension in their lineup Jaguar has accepted the changing market dynamics and has produced a rival compact SUV.

The styling of the new F-Pace is reminiscent of the XJ Type that Jaguar produces, which in its own right is a stunning car. Aesthetically the F-Pace is one of the most pleasing cars to look at. The rear taillights are similar to those of the F-Type, with the overall angles and lines being followed with the current Jaguar lineup.

The F-Pace was designed to have the practicality of a SUV but the driving dynamic of a sports car. The car can be used both in a docile manner while driving within city limits at cruising speeds and almost instantaneously become a fierce responsive speedster.

Jaguar has used the Lightweight Aluminum Architecture the construct the F-Pace. This system allows for the car to be extremely light while not having to compromise on ride, comfort or handling. Understanding this, the F-Pace body structure also incorporates a sophisticated double wishbone front suspension which is accompanied by an Integral Link rear suspension which have been tuned by Jaguar engineers to provide the maximum stability and a more responsive feel for the driver with improvements for impacts and camber variations on different road surfaces.

The steering system has been adopted from the F-Type; the Electronically Power Assisted Steering gives a much greater feedback and control as compared to traditional hydraulic systems. The braking technology has also been adapted with identical torque vectoring. Furthermore, the torque-on-demand all-wheel drive system is phenomenal and provides the exact amount of power and torque to the wheels while reading the weather ensuring that the maximum traction is achieved.

The new Jaguar F-Pace will set standards in the compact SUV category. The F-Pace will make its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show on Tuesday September 15th.