Transportation has evolved greatly over the last century, the criteria of what defines luxury has also changed. A clear example of this can be seen through the transformation of vans and their core purpose. These vehicles which were once hailed as goods and mass people carriers have now become the new means of transport for the rich and the famous.


the new and refined way to travel

It may be hard to digest for people to understand how a van can be modified into a luxury method of transportation but a German company named Klassen has changed the definition of customized transport. They take “ordinary” luxury vehicles and give them a complete make-over and produce something that is unique completely to the market. Started by Paul Klassen, the company has core ethics revolving around the aspect of the after-market installations that enable the customer to have total control of how they want to travel.

An especially interesting division of their product line is the customization of Vans. They currently have a product lineup that consists of the Mercedes Benz V-Class, Sprinter, Viano as well as the Volkswagen T6 Business. Klassen have understood the potential of creating a luxury van that has all the amenities you might find on a private jet.

Bestuhlung Mitte

luxury jet inspired interiors

The exteriors of the vans are the epitome of elegance and style, they personify the ideal that simplicity is timelessly fashionable. However, the magic of Klassen is what it does with the interior of these vehicles.

The use of high end materials and resources is prevalent throughout all their trims and packages that are available. Leather and teak wood are common throughout but customers are allowed to use a plethora of materials to their liking. Seats have been designed to mimic the most expensive private jets with electronically reclining features as well as leather quilted footrests. They also feature in-built massage systems as well hot/cold ventilation capabilities as well.


in-built massage chairs for long drives

Moving towards the electronics, the list of options that can be installed are practically endless. Large screen televisions are just a start. Customers have the choice of adding features such as high speed internet modems for being in constant connection with the world, Alpine sound system with surround sound to enhance the overall feeling of travelling in something similar to a home cinema on wheels and finally having unique features such as refrigerators and a special ambient lighted ceiling that can be changed according to user preference.


pioneers in perfect luxury travel

Klassen has changed the market completely.  It enables the ultra rich to create a space of their own, something that they feel totally at home in. Pioneering the idea of jet level luxury on the road. Whether its business persons or movie stars, Klassen has the answer to help achieve the ultimate in travel luxury.