When you hear the name Lamborghini, you remind yourself of cars with luxury and speed. Lamborghini has been associated with great designed cars and cars which are fast, very fast. It has come up with a new design concept “Terzo Millenio”. It comes with the technology theories of the future. It also sustains the visual intrigue, a great performance which the company is known for and the internals, the heart of the car found in all Lamborghini cars.

The main motive of the car is being able to show the world the future of sports cars in five different aspects: Energy storage systems, innovative materials, propulsion system, visionary design and emotion. The R&D team has been collaborating with the MIT have been successful in adding to the quality which Lamborghini has always been known for: rewriting the rules on super sports cars.

Energy storage systems

Lamborghini has been able to create sports cars with uncompromising performance with the new energy storage systems, moving away from traditional batteries and thus, the Terzo Millennio has been equipped with supercapacitors to investigate their potential. This is done without compromising on the performance of the car.

Innovative materials

Lamborghini has aimed to develop the production of carbon fibers for structures and parts which can help in the designing of the car and make it light in weight. Prof. Hart of the MIT plans to get into the new ways of manufacturing using their expertise in the advanced materials to change the future of transportation. The procedure also aims to monitor the whole carbon structure to the concept of “Self-heating”. This can help the Terzo Millennio to conduct its own health monitoring in which it can detect its cracks and damages.

Propulsion system

The energy storage system works along with the performance. Each wheel has an incorporated engine which prolongs the commitment four-wheel driving. This also helps the car to make the most out of electric cars: high torque, reversibility, and the possibility of moving energy by wire. Terzo Millennio is the first step from Lamborghini towards the direction of creating ”Lamborghini Electric”.


Terzo Millennio is an outcome of  Lamborghini’s look towards the future of cars by taking into account, the changes in technology and anticipating the upcoming visions by Lamborghini. As a result, the design is an excellent example of aerodynamics built on a new architecture.  Automobili Lamborghini has come up with Forged Composite Technology in designing a monocoque which includes the energy accumulation system and driver’s and co-driver’s seats which are inspired by race cars.


Along with sustaining the emotion of driving a Lamborghini, the driver has the feel of the future hypercar and an immersive experience. The features like the response of the electric motor, four-wheel torque control and the dynamic body control will enhance the driving experience. The dynamics and innovative approach will result in a new dimension of cars which help in longitudinal and lateral dynamics.  This is a result which is unknown to electric cars.