McLaren has been on a very successful recently with regards to its product offerings in the automotive market. They have been able to not only make well performing cars, but have also produced some astonishing looking vehicles as well. The current addition to this family of McLaren’s is the 570S Spider.

The 570S Spider is McLarens answer to providing a more “affordable” supercar that has all the qualities minus the exuberant price that an individual normally has to pay. Based on the 570S Coupe, the Spider was a much needed convertible addition to the lineup for McLaren enabling them to catch a larger market.

The 570S Spider does not gain a lot of weight by introducing a complex two-piece folding top roof mechanism, a total of 101 pounds has been added. McLaren claims that there is no loss in rigidity the overall carbon fiber frame, enabling the handling to be similar to the coupe. To accommodate the convertible’s folding hard roof, the 570S’s rear spoiler is slightly longer and higher than in the fixed-roof coupe. Amenities such as the glass wind deflector to reduce wind buffeting can be raised easily with a switch as well as the ability to put the top up or down while on the move upto speeds of 25 mph.

The power for the 570S comes from a 3.8-liter turbocharged V8 engine that produces 562 horsepower. This means that the 0-60 mph time is done in 3.1 seconds and the Spider will go on to reach a top speed of 204 mph, with the top up, and 196 mph with the top down. These are identical to the coupes times ensuring that there is no performance loss.

McLaren has said that the first 400 units will be ”launch edition models” and will carry a price tag of $208,000 each. That’s almost $200,000 less than the 675LT Spider and $120,000 less than the 650S Spider. The convertible will be available in two colors, “Sicilian Yellow” and “Vega Blue.” The 2018 McLaren 570S Spider will begin deliveries in August.