A tribute to the 50th Anniversary of The Inaugural Can Am Racing Season

McLaren has proved on numerous occasions to be an automotive manufacturer that has been able to produce breath taking supercars through the use of science and technology. The 650S Can Am is a perfect example that highlights this unique trait of McLaren. The 650S Can Am has been made as a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the inaugural Can Am racing season.

The inspiration for the limited edition 650S Can Am came from the racers of the 1960’s which were famous for winning 5 consecutive championships during that time period. This was considered the golden age of the racing era.

The McLaren Special Operations division is responsible for creating the 650S Can Am. Production numbers will not cross 50 units in honor of the anniversary. The reason for the repeated success of McLaren racers is that they have always used the latest technology that is available at that specific period of time, and there is no compromise on the newest addition to the lineup.

The car has been constructed using modern lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and has been extensively used in the MonoCell chassis of the car. The further use of carbon fiber can be seen in the retractable hard top as well as on the bonnet, airbrake, front splitter, rear bumper center, door blades and 650S Can Am branded sill cover. MSO has also gone the lengths of producing lightweight forged alloy wheels that mimic some of the styling of the 1960’s racers. Carbon ceramic brakes are a standard feature on the 650S Can Am.

Other design elements of the car have also been changed such as the front wings and the new quad exit stainless steel exhaust system. The science that has been instilled into the car includes the aerodynamics that plays a key role in the handling and the performance. The louvers that have been installed on the car have been designed to reduce pressure over the front wheels and increase the downforce.

The engine in the 650S Can Am is a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 which produces 641 horsepower and 500 pound-feet torque. This means that the car is able to do a 0-62mph in just 3 seconds and goes on to a top speed 204 mph.

The 650S Can Am will be delivered to its owners in 2016 at a price of £255,850.