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The Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet brings to life a different dimension of Mercedes to the market. While the car is luxurious and high end, it also scores high points on its performance. This open-top car is not only great in terms of design, but it also delivers top notch performance. It has a 621 hp 6-ltr V12 bi-turbo engine that powers the 4-seater to 60mph in 4 secs and a governed top end of 186mph.

Apart from the high performance engine, the car also boasts a sports suspension system that is based on AIRMATIC. With an automatic wind protection system, AIRCAP, and intelligent climate control systems, the car will redefine the open-top driving experience. The top is made from a 3 layered fabric and is available in four different colors black, dark blue, beige and dark red.

Easy to Operate Performance Driving Modes

You can shift between comfort, sport & manual driving modes. The change in driving modes controls the change in the power to the rear axle thus giving you more control on the vehicle

Shining in Chrome

Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet has high-sheen chrome covering the car from all directions. Everything from the Mercedes star in the front to the grilles, the splitters and the rear exhaust tailpipes shine with in chrome. Chrome lettered V12 Biturbo towards the side of the car also draws a lot of eyeballs.

Light Weight but Rigid

Though the car is light in weight, the sturdiness is definitely not affected. With the use of Aluminum and Magnesium the car has the necessary sturdiness but not the weight that comes along with other metals. Different elements of the car are designed keeping in mind that the vehicle needs to be sturdy yet low on weight.

Interiors to Amaze

The cockpit of the S65 Cabriolet is definitely exquisite. Seats created with exclusive Nappa leather and a distinctive diamond pattern layout reflects the richness of the interiors in the first glance. Apart from standard features like electric adjustment, memorization and seat climate control you also get better designed cushions and backrests to help you get the right seating for speeding corners.

To add to all the above features the car has great climate control mechanisms which is essential for an open-top car and with the AIRMATIC suspension your driving experience is unparalleled. The Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet is definitely a great combination of performance and exquisite Mercedes design for an open-top car.