German marque, Mercedes-Benz, has highlighted again its push to have a larger electric vehicle presence by 2030. EQ will be the banner name for the forthcoming range and M-B declared it to be launched internationally sometime in 2021.

EQS will be the new all-electric member in the new S-Class range and is the first to use the new electric architecture for electric vehicles of the luxury and executive segment at Mercedes-Benz. There will also be an EQE business-oriented saloon, plus SUV versions of the EQS and EQE. Smaller vehicles using versions of the platform, including the EQA (the electric sibling to the GLA) are due for production from late 2020 and the EQB next year.

EQ testing range

Mercedes have developed a platform, or architecture, that is scalable and therefore can be customized to suit various requirements. This includes dimension requirements such as wheelbase and chassis track, meaning vehicles from small sedans or saloons through to large luxury-oriented SUVs.

Range anxiety should be a thing of the past too, with expected ranges of up to 435 miles (700 kilometers), and with the U.S. well-populated with charging stations, driving from one coast to the other won’t pose a problem. This meets design requirements and with testing in areas such as winter testing in Scandinavia, chassis and drivetrain tests on proving grounds, public roads and on the high-speed test track in Nardo as well as the integrated testing of the overall vehicle in the heat of Southern Europe and South Africa the test cars are meeting and exceeding M-B’s own strict guidelines. Tests in the continental U.S. and China are also being conducted.

“The EQS has already piled up for more than two million test kilometers from the heat of South Africa to the cold of Northern Sweden,” said Christoph Starzynski, Vice-President Electric Vehicle Architecture at Mercedes-Benz and responsible for the EQ vehicles. “The EQS will be the S-Class of electric vehicles. That is why it is undergoing the same demanding development program as any other vehicle that has the privilege of proudly bearing the three-pointed star.

EQ testing underway

Naturally, technology will cross over to the EQ range, with areas such as MBUX or Mercedes-Benz User eXperience which brings across controls and display systems plus the company’s much-vaunted driver assistance systems.

The EQS is currently undergoing the last tests on the way to production maturity, including at the Test and Technology Centre in Immendingen with production underway alongside the S-Class at “Factory 56” in Sindelfingen, one of the world’s most modern car factories.