Mercedes-Maybach Pullman.

For many years, the Maybach brand has been providing a leading luxury vehicle for the executive upper class to travel in, the pedigree that this brand carries with it is unparalleled.  Re-branded as the Mercedes Maybach, the aspect of magnificence through engineering has only been fortified.

Mercedes Maybach Pullman (5)

The new model has been developed based upon the top of line S-Class that is offered from Mercedes, the S600. This particular model will be celebrating its 50th birthday in 2015 and thus an exclusive limousine had to be designed to honor such an occasion, hence the extended wheelbase version of the Pullman.

The Pullman label refers originally refers to railway carriages that had a luxurious open compartment layout and were manufactured by the American Pullman Palace Car Company. Mercedes Maybach adeptly applied this name to its executive class of models and thus the brand was created.

Mercedes Maybach Pullman (4)

The exterior of the Pullman sedan has been altered in order to incorporate nearly jet sized rear seats for the ultimate travel experience. The car is 6.5 meters long making it 3.5 feet longer than the standard Mercedes Maybach S-Class. This vehicle is meant to be driven by a chauffeur while the passenger enjoys the multitude of comforts that come with the car. The standard seating is set with two seats that are facing the direction of travel however; a configuration with four seats that are facing each other can also be ordered with a partition wall between the driver and the rear occupants being installed as well. The internal space amenities are class leading in the Pullman Maybach; these include an 18.5-inch monitor with a Burmester stereo system as well as a photovoltaic partition wall and sunroof whose opacity can be altered by the occupants of the vehicle.  Furthermore, Mercedes offers rivaling level of customization available to its customers creating a serious conundrum for potential consumers considering of buying the Rolls Royce Phantom or the Bentley Mulsanne.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman.

The Mercedes Maybach Pullman edition will have powerhouse of an engine under the bonnet. The power unit will be a 6.0 liter V12 Bi-Turbo with an output of nearly 523 horsepower along with supercar competing 612-pound feet of torque available at 1900 rpm.

The pricing for the extremely exclusive Mercedes Maybach Pullman will start at $566,922 for standard non-bulletproof models with deliveries of these vehicles taking place in the beginning part of 2016.