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Mercedes has always been a symbol of excellence and commitment. Mercedes Maybach is one of the sub brands for the high-demanding clients. With the Mercedes Maybach S600, you can definitely see the gold standard in luxury automobiles. It offers a tremendous amount to the car buyer when it comes to interior customization and personalization of the vehicle.

While the design is seamless and continues to evoke the ever stunning flow of a Mercedes, the technical specifications are equally good as well. The S600 is powered by a V12 bi-turbo engine with an output in excess of 500 hp. It can produce a torque of 612 lb-ft and can speed from 0-60 mph is a little more than 5 seconds which is definitely not bad for a vehicle which is built for luxury and not speed. Though the machinery is powerful, the in-cabin experience is definitely one of the best. It is possibly the quietest cabin for a production car, even quieter than the S-coupe. To add to the tranquil comfort in the cabin, the four wheel independent airmatic suspension ensures that your trip is both stable and smooth at all speeds. It gives you the comfort that you might require in noisy city traffic or the right suspension for a longer trip on roads that might not be as friendly.

The S600 is also nearly 8-inches lengthier than the standard Mercedes S-class. This ensures that there is enough room for passengers as well as additional space for storage. To add to a host of other features, the Maybach S600 has a lot of technology add-ons which ensure better safety, intelligence and convenience.

Some of the highlights of the Mercedes Maybach S600 include Intelligent Drive, LED Intelligent Lighting System, Night Drive Assist, Burmester High-end Surround Sound System, Rear Seat Entertainment system etc. These features ensure that the driver and the passenger both have a great experience in the car. The cost of the car starts at approximately US$ 190,000 plus the additional destination or delivery charges. You can always opt for changes or customization of certain features which will come at additional pricing. If you are looking for a car that exhibits luxury and is an equally good vehicle to drive or get driven in, the Mercedes Maybach S600 will meet & exceed expectations. It is definitely a gold standard when it comes to luxury automobiles that deliver equally uncompromising performance on-road.