Monaco is an exuberant playground for the rich, an ideal arena to show case wealth in all aspects of life. Since yachts are one of the many toys that successful individuals own, it only makes sense that the car deck at the Monaco Yacht Show should play host to some breath taking vehicles as well to get those individuals to their yachts.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin will be bringing its two most popular cars currently, the DB 11 and the Vanquish S. Both cars are astonishing vehicles to look at. The DB 11 is the flagship model for the brand and is an excellent example of a grand tourer. The DB 11 is the most powerful variant in the ‘DB’ lineage. It is an instantly recognizable car where familiar elements have been reinterpreted to create automotive art.


The Vanquish S is Aston Martin’s answer to the perfect blend of art and technology. The Vanquish S is to be considered a Super GT, a very difficult to succeed in with demands of practicality as well as performance. With 201 mph top speed and a V-12 that sings, Aston Martin have truly created a masterpiece.

Aston Martin Vanquish S


Bentley feels most at home in Monaco, the brand was built for the occupants of this lavish city. The Bentley Continental GT Convertible is the quintessential open-top grand tourer. The Continental GT is one of the fastest convertibles currently in production, with a W-12 twin turbo engine pushing the car to 196 mph.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible

The bodyline has been developed to mimic a look of millimeter-perfect precision. The face of the Continental GT Convertible appears hewn from solid metal, with distinctive large inner headlamps flanking the familiar Bentley mesh grille.

In the Bentley Continental GT Convertible interior, the design team has created a cocoon of ultimate luxury. The Continental GT Convertible expresses timeless Bentley design cues with contemporary flair.


Not many companies exist that are able to recreate and restore legendary cars of Mercedes Benz with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Hemmels is able to rebuild icons such as the SL series.

Hemmels offers creates the world’s finest W198, W121 and W113 Pagoda classics for those who demand perfection.

Hemmels Pagoda Classic

Each car is taken back to the original factory specification, in most cases this requires nearly 3000 hours of labor, love and nurture to deliver the ultimate result.

Examples of their creations will be on display at the car deck at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017.


This is a very unique company and has been developed as a joint project between Kovovýroba Hoffmann and the designer Petr Novague in the Czech Republic. The limited edition they have designed is the HN R200. Inspirations for the team drew from the legendary sports car, the Skoda 200 RS.

Hoffman HN R200

Featuring an aluminum body, the company wanted to create a unique vehicle that had an element of bespoke individuality for the customer. Kovovyroba Hoffmann is one of the most respected producers of prototype body parts and car bodies on the European automotive market for more than 25 years. The production of Hoffmann&Novague team strives to provide customers with an exclusive tailor-made car.


The Italian sports car manufacturer is marquee that needs no introduction. Heritage for the brand speaks for itself.

The latest current offerings that Lamborghini has are the Aventador S and the Huracan Performante.

The Aventador S has become the flagship for super sports cars around the world with V-12 naturally aspirated engines.

2017-Lamborghini Aventador S

The Huracan Performante is the star for the company right now, setting Nurburgring record for production cars. It is the innovative mixture of technology and performance in order to create ultimate supercars.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Monaco is second home to Lamborghini with their exuberant model line dating back to the Miura and now the Centenario. Lamborghini continues to explore the future of super sports cars with pioneering vision, in order to always be revolutionary and always extraordinary.


McLaren is the go to name in race car technology, no one has more experience in this field. The company has successfully revamped its lineup and has introduced popular cars such as the 570S and the 720S.

McLaren 720S

The level of commitment that is brought forward in their cars is unparallel to many and their ability to constantly change the dynamics of motorsport engineering is extraordinary. There latest models are key examples of the new direction the company has taken.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes will be bring forward the AMG GTC, its current flagship convertible. Mercedes has always had a special part to play in the history of Monaco, with the iconic gullwing  SL being one of the most sought after cars in its time.

Mercedes AMG GTC

The AMG GTC is the open top version of the coupe and features a wonderful soft top roof with similar engine and interior specs as the hard top. It truly is one of AMG’s finest creations.