SSC Tuatara (1)

SSC was the firm renowned for creating the ultimate machine that broke the production car speed record and dethroned the Bugatti Veyron. It was called the Ultimate Aero. Bugatti responded by creating the Super Sport and matters were put to rest. However, SSC is back with another shot at becoming the fastest car in the world, the contender is called the Tuatara.

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The Tuatara is currently being developed with a collaboration of both SSC and Jason Castriota. The car will aim to shoot down the current speed record of 269 mph set by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and is aiming to cross the 276 mph barrier. Considering these projected performance figures the power house that will be housed in the Tuatara will need to be something special. The engine will be a 6.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 which will be pushing our approximately 1350 horsepower and nearly 1280 pound feet of torque. Thanks to the design elements and materials that will be used in manufacturing the Tuatara it will be able to generate a power to weight ratio of nearly 1000 horsepower per ton. The engine will be mated to a choice of two transmissions, either a 7-Speed manual H-pattern gearbox or a 7-Speed SMG semi-automatic which will be both linked to a triple-disc carbon ceramic titanium clutch. This will hypothetically enable the Tuatara to break the 0-60 mph mark in about 2.3 seconds.

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The braking capabilities of the Tuatara are also important considering the speeds its aiming to achieve, hence the car will be fitted with large 15.0″ vented and slotted carbon ceramic discs with 8 pistons in the front and 6 pistons in the rear. The chassis and drivetrain of the car will be a mid engine rear wheel drive supercar. The body frame will completely be made out of carbon fiber and will consist of aluminum crumple zones for maximum rigidity and lightness.

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The Tuatara once produced will definitely be a car to look out for but the competition is already a step ahead. Bugatti has launched the replacement for the Veyron, the new Chiron, which unofficially claims to be the fastest production car in the world and is already being delivered to customers. However, that being said, if SSC lives upto the Ulimate Aero than Bugatti should be worried about keeping that throne. Expected production of the Tuatara is to begin this year.