Epitomizing the perfect bedroom poster car

Pagani has become the epitome of what bedroom poster cars should look like, it has successfully captured what once was only Lamborghini’s forte.  With the introduction of the Zonda, Pagani had become ultimate personification of the ‘hypercar’. Building on that it had introduced a replacement for the aging Zonda, the Huayra.

The Huayra coupe was introduced in 2011, it was the epitome of what hypercars were meant to be, outrageously bold and extremely fast. It became immensely popular with car aficionados and rose to a notoriety  that only few cars are able to achieve. It had raised the bar in an already changing market dynamic. The roadster version of the Huayra took its time, starting in 2013 the development for the vehicle was taken into meticulous care not to lose the overall image of the vehicle and its panache, but its here now, and what a car it is.


unparalleled attention to detail

The design of the Roadster has seen many changes from the original coupe, this isn’t a car that has just had its roof removed, it was a complete redesign. It features a more aggressive and pronounced front-end hosting wider wheel arches. The Huayra was famous for introducing active aerodynamics throughout the car, and Pagani have been careful not to change the front and rear of the car too much to alter their engineering brilliance. The theme of exposing the mechanical features of the car are still evident with the Roadster, and attention to detail is unparalleled.

Key problems with convertible cars is that since there is a lack of a roof the chassis of the car becomes weak hence its performance is affected greatly. Not strengthening bars can be added to the vehicle to make it more stable but they also add weight. The perfect solution would be to develop strengthening bars that did not weigh a lot, so Pagani did. Building on the technologies that were developed for the Zonda Roadster series, the use of a new composite mix of Carbon and Titanium they were able to achieve added rigidity in the Huayra Roadster while keeping its weight low. The complexity of this new composite is something that is not present even in the F1 industry.


twin turbo power for immediate throttle response

The Huayra Roadster needed to be as fast as the coupe even with the slightly additional weight that was added due to the car being a convertible. The Huayra Roadster is powered by an engine that is specifically built Mercedes Benz’s tuning house, AMG. The 6-liter V12 Twin Turbo power unit has an output of 764-horsepower with 1000 Nm of torque. The turbines in the turbos have been designed in such a way that they provide an immediate throttle response with no turbo lag. All this power is mated to a sensational 7-speed gearbox, which in turn maximizes delivery to the rear-wheels.

The suspension was worked on meticulously to ensure that one of the defining factors of Pagani was not overlooked. It harmonizes the use of a lightweight material composite of aluminum called HiForg. This lightened the car by 25% and was able to keep the car stiff enough to handle corners at high speeds working in synchronous with the aerodynamics.


brake power you can boast about

Braking has been one of the most popular items that Pagani likes to boast about, their cars are known not only for gaining speed very quickly but controlling it and stopping it effectively as well. Brembo has been a long time partner of Pagani and developed a special new braking system for the Roadster which includes the use of carbon ceramic implant and 6 and 4 piston caliper in the front and rear respectively.

The most important the thing in a convertible is the roof. The Huayra will be fitted with two types of roof, the first consists in a very light carbon hard top with a central glass element,very simple and quick to install. The second type of roof is a fabric and carbon cover that can be installed manually and can be stored inside of Huayra Roadster.


a moving piece of modern art

The Huayra Roadster is not just a masterclass in engineering, it quite literally is a moving piece of modern contemporary art mixed with a neo-classical texture. MSRP for the Huayra Roadster starts at $2.4 Million.