Pagani Zonda Roadster F: The Perfect Balance in Speed and Design

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The Pagani Zonda Roadster F is the members of the iconic Zonda family and this limited edition hand built car is a great combination of great drivability and on-road performance. It is an extension of the F Coupe and just 25 of them are produced by Pagani.

Construction & Engine

Its carbon fibre roof and carbon fabrics chassis and other parts ensure that the car is light with a dry weight 1230 kgs. The roof also consists of cloth along with the carbon fibre and is pretty easy to remove. Even the body work and interiors have been carefully done in order to ensure that the body-weight per horsepower ration remain as optimal as possible. With a 7.3L Mercedes-AMG V12 650 hp engine, the Clubsport version delivers a weight/power ratio of 1.89 kgs/hp. The Pagani Zonda Roadster F accelerates from a stationary position to 300 kph in a matter of seconds, the car can speed from 0-200 kph in less than 10 seconds. You can cross the 300 kph barrier in a few more seconds.


The vehicle boasts of the combination of looks and speed. Its aerodynamic design with sleek edges and elegant lines is sufficient to reflect the ability of the car in the first glance. You get a good balance between the sturdiness of the vehicle and its performance at high speed.


When you are driving a jewel, anything less that royal luxury will not be acceptable. The interiors are aesthetically created with soft leather, aluminum and carbon fibre. You can enjoy the plush experience while you are seated along with the view that you get from the cockpit of the car. The amazing cockpit view is usually a rarity with supercars but with Pagani Zonda Roadster F, you will experience magnificence of the place be it along the shore line or on a speeding straight.


The car is more of an artwork as opposed to be a run of the mill product. Each aspect of the car is paid attention to and seems to be flawless. Everything from the design to the weight to the power is just perfect. The car is a classic example of what an Italian GT should be. The Roadster F is much more than your ordinary race car. It is a very well crafted jewel that needs a place in the collection of a person that can value it for the amazing qualities it possesses. At the same time if you need the speed, the car surely provides ample of it!

Jai Bhujwala

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