With the sweet Atlantic breeze, the Cartier encrusted Worth Avenue, and the polo fields fresh with the Ralph Lauren lifestyle; Palm Beach is the perfect place to show off your super car. One of America’s prestigious zip codes on the sultry eastern tip of Florida, this is a land of private jets, sprawling estates, and lavish hotels that could give Monte Carlo a run for its money.  From the breathtaking roar of Bugatti to the perfect purr of a Ferrari, these are the very best cars for picking up speed around Pelican Lake, the Polo Club, and beyond The Breakers…

Bugatti-Veyron-Grand-Sport-Vitesse Photo Courtesy Alex J Flickr

Bugatti is a name synonymous with luxury cars and their Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse embodies all that the brand has; luxury, class, speed. Not to mention price. Off the showroom floor, the 8.0 liter W16 configuration engine, with 1200 bhp and 1100 lb-ft powered machine, bolted to a seven speed automatic, would set back a buyer $2.3 million, brand new. Those figures would also have the all wheel drive Grand Sport Vitesse see 62 mph or 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds, ideal for getting the Bollinger back to your designer home on Delray Beach whilst still cold.

Ford-GT Photo Courtesy Alex J Flickr

Originally built to take on Ferrari, the Ford GT40 is still the only all American car to have won the fabled Le Mans 24 hour race. In 2005 Ford released an updated version. The smooth looking two door packed a muscular 5.4 liter supercharged V8, offering 500 lb-ft of torque and 550 horsepower with a six speed manual. In 2007 Car and Driver tested the car’s 0.62 time and saw a best of 3.3 seconds. It was an eyebrow raiser at the time, with Ford asking as near as $140,000. There is a new version for the Ford GT now available and it’s sure to turn heads at the country club.

LaFerrari Photo Courtesy Alex J Flickr

Only 500 in total of “The Ferrari”, as La Ferrari translates to from Italian, were made, with the very last destined to see an auction price of seven million dollars. With a list price of over one million, this seven speed dual clutch auto, V12/KERS/electric powered beauty looks fast from any angle. The total output from the three powerplants reached 950 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque, with a top speed “exceeding” 217 mph. 62 mph is dispatched in 2.4 seconds. Just what is needed for making that first class dinner date at  Cafe Boulad.

Lamborghini-Aventador-Roadster Photo Courtesy Alex J Flickr

There’s something about a Lamborghini that says “speed”, and the Aventador family was no different. Launched in 2011, the Aventador’s slinky design well hid the 4.7 meter length and 2.03 meter width. The all wheel drive system received its orders from a seven speed semi-automatic transmission, with the 690 horsepower and 508 lb-ft 6.5 liter V12 powering to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Priced at USD$393,695, the Aventador’s official top speed was a “mere” 220 mph, however an independent test saw 230 mph. Ideal when you’re running late for your tennis lesson with McEnroe…

Lamborghini-Murcielago-LP640-Roadster Photo Courtesy Alex J Flickr

From the same maker comes the Murcielago. Predating the Aventador, the successor to the Diablo was available between 2001 and 2010. The 2009 model was priced at a wallet shaking $400,000 USD. Initially powered by a 572 horsepower 6.2 liter V12, an update in 2006 saw an increase to 6.5 liters, and peak power of 641 hp or 661 hp, depending on the model. Thanks to its all wheel drive the good looking, low slung, hard or soft top two-door was good for an official top speed of 214 mph in the SuperVeloce version. If being green is not your forte, the six speed manual 2008 version’s 8 miles per gallon should appeal.

Pagani-Huayra Photo Courtesy Alex J Flickr

Owner of one of the most unpronounceable names in the automotive field, the Huayra from luxury supercar legends Pagani was limited to a build run of just 100. Those that were luck enough to snag one of the Euro 850,000 delights would enjoy a Mercedes-AMG provided twin turbo V12 6.0 liter beast, with a top speed just shy of 240 mph. Capable of 1.66G of lateral acceleration, the 60 mph time was clocked at 2.8 seconds. Torque and power were monstrous, with 738 lb-ft and 720 horsepower available. Thankfully the Huayra came with four piston Brembos front and rear to haul down the 3741 lb hypercar.

Porsche-918-Spyder Photo Courtesy Alex J Flickr

It’s hard to go past a convertible to enjoy the balmy Palm Beach sunshine and the Porsche 918 Spyder fits the bill. It’s a 4.6 liter 608 horsepower V8 hybrid drivetrain, with the twin electric motors providing an extra 279 horses. Combined, the V8 and electric engines power down through a seven speed dual clutch auto to allow a top speed of 210 mph for the $847,000 wunderkind. The 120 mph mark comes up in a hair flattening 7.2 seconds.