The Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe is a car that matches incredible racing performance with equally stunning looks. The company has been on the rise in the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. On-track excellence in Formula 1 has been matched with off-track excellence in design, which has not only boosted the company’s brand, but delivered a wide range of stunning vehicles.

The Design Revolution

This was clearly seen in the A Class which went from being an average looking hatchback into one of the most sought after vehicles on the road. Whilst making perfect mass production cars like the A Class, Mercedes also like to deliver perfection on a grander scale and that’s certainly what they have done with the AMG GT R Coupe.

It’s handcrafted 4.0L V8 biturbo engine is able to deliver an incredible 577 horsepower. That horse power is able to take the car from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. It’s not only the statistics that deliver with the new AMG however, it’s lost none of those stunning looks including that redesigned grille, that is a stunning feature on all new Mercedes cars.

The Beauty in The Detail

Their website allows you to build your own and see the results, and it’s a fun and tempting experience. The range of features and options are mouthwatering and go far beyond just selecting one of their range of stunning colors. One of the most taxing parts is trying to design your own interior, which is a luxury that not many car owners can enjoy. You can see your choices immediately and it’s a tough job trying to pick your favorite one.

Never before have you realized the difficulties between choosing the color of the stitching that should run through your vehicle. The temptation for a yellow AMG was too tempting for me, so therefore I thought I’d follow that though with the yellow stitching inside the car. The thought entered my mind to go back and make my own ‘Silver Arrow’, but I managed to resist. I wondered whether choosing yellow seatbelts would be too much, but it looked perfect against the black of the racing seats.

The Perfect Formula

This isn’t a car just for racing excellence, or for beauty, it’s more than that. Mercedes have managed to not only produce cars that have a high level of performance and looks, but also manage to make them comfortable with a range of custom extras like surround sound systems, lane tracking  and convenience packaging. This is to go with the standard features such as a rearview camera, parktronic and adaptive highbeam assist.

The overall cost of my AMG GT came to $187,895 when I added the finishing touches. The Solarbeam Yellow color added $9,900 to the base price along with the twin 5-spoke wheels for $1,700, and the carbon fiber package for $5,250. At $25, the bespoke tire value stem caps were impossible to turn down for the added touch. The beautiful leather interior with the yellow stitching cost $3,600, along with $500 for the yellow seatbelts.

As far as convenience goes I added the $1,600 package and couldn’t resist the $4,500 Burmester Surround Sound system. As I wouldn’t be doing any racing, I put aside the temptation for the AMG High-Performance Ceramic Composite Braking System at $8,950 and instead opted for the red brake calipers at $700, mainly as they’d look stunning next to the yellow of the car.

The website is a fun and engaging experience and the exact type of slick marketing that you come to expect from Mercedes. Their excellence has spread to all areas of their business, and all that can be seen in the Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe. While a yellow model like mine might not be your color of choice, they allow for your own imagination to take over to create your dream car.

Build Your Own GT R