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Customizing and personalizing your own super car is a dream every car enthusiast lives by. With the new personalized Acura NSX 2017 option, you can put together your own super car online. The experience of doing this online is like re-living your childhood dream for creating your own top-notch car.

The Acura NSX 2017 website offers a great interface to create your own car by putting together different elements that you desire. I started the build by selecting the Acura NSX as the base car. The Acura NSX 2017 is powered with two electric motors and a twin-turbocharged V-6 gasoline engine. It produces a power of 573 hp. The 2-seater is already a super car as it is but with the option of personalizing it, you can definitely add your own twist to the car.

The personalization begins with the paint of the car. While the basic colors of red, black and white are pretty attractive, I have always wanted a pearl white finish to the car. I started the car build by selecting Casino White Pearl as choice of paint for the car. It cost me an additional $700 for the color but it was definitely worth it.

Moving on, I chose to keep the Ebony interiors and spent $1500 for the Semi-Aniline Leather Power seats. The choice of wheels is definitely confusing but I preferred the signature Y-Spoke wheels. For an additional $1500 you can choose between 3 other styles as well. Thus I completed the overall exteriors of the car.

Selecting the brakes was not too difficult, I opted for the Carbon-fiber rotors with clippers and an NSX engine cover. The carbon fiber brakes cost an additional $9900 where in the NSX engine cover is not charged extra.

My headline choice was the basic black cloth and I chose the Signature interior package as well. Both come at no additional cost. It is very easy to keep adding the great add-on features and you must do it if budget is not a constraint. Being a music love and a techie at heart, I opted for a $3300 Audio technology package which includes ELS studio package with Tech Package and SiriusXM. My choice of roof was Black Aluminum with SiriusXM Antenna in order to match the choice of audio package.

Finally, I added a few accessories including a battery charger kit, car cover etc thus leading to a final cost of around $190000. Now I’m ready to head down to my local dealer to finalize my own personalized Acura NSX 2017 car…………If only I could fit!