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Porsche Mission E is probably one of the most exciting news in the automobile industry in the last few years. While Tesla has been the sole leader in the electric car segment, the Mission E seems to throw a challenge to the Tesla Model S as a leader in the all-electric 4-door sedan segment.

There a lot of challenges for Porsche as there seems to be a significant amount of investment that will be required to try and catch up on Tesla that seems to enjoy an 8 year advantage in the market. With nearly 1 Billion Euros expected to be spent to develop Porsche Mission E and roll it out to the market, there are definitely many other challenges that the super car brand will face.

Among the biggest challenges is the fact that Tesla is already achieving better results than what Mission E is expected to achieve. Porsche is aiming for the car to speed from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 whereas Tesla already has the technology that allows it to reach such speeds in less than 3 seconds. Another aspect where Porsche seems to be lagging is the range of the car per charging. Mission E is expected to cover 310 miles on a single charge wherein Tesla Model S has already achieved 328 miles per charges. With these two important aspects tilting in favor of Tesla it seems that the battle is already won. However there is one important aspect where the Porsche car might enjoy a significant advantage. While the Tesla car is able to charge up to 80% in 30 minutes, Porsche is expected to achieve similar results in half the time.

The fact however remains that Tesla already has the technology whereas Porsche is expecting to develop it by 2020. There are chances that Tesla will be able to improve on those features and leap far ahead even before the Porsche car is launched but until then, the Mission E definitely does stand a chance.

Porsche Mission E, is definitely a big move for the company and there are stories about employees taking pay cuts in order to enable the brand to reduce costs and keep up with the production deadlines. This goes a long way in reflecting how much the company and its people believe in the car and its success.

While there are many things that Porsche needs to catch up with, one of the biggest advantages that Tesla has is the presence of a large number of charging stations across the world. With more than 570 charging ports and in excess of 3300 superchargers, Tesla definitely has a good amount of infrastructure set up to support its vehicles and customers. Porsche on the other hand seems to be unfazed by this and the company believes that the charging stations will be secondary once a good 4-door electric-sedan is on the road.

The electric car is definitely the way to move forward and with Porsche entering the race it is definitely going to be interesting. Mission E might probably not be a “Tesla Killer” as touted by the press but will definitely give the leader a run for the money!