An interesting ongoing collaboration was developed between Mercedes Benz – AMG and Cigarette Racing to produce a masterpiece of a boat, the Cigarette Racing Team 50′ Marauder AMG. The boat was designed through the influences of the Mercedes Benz AMG – GTR, it was no surprise that the boat would be something extremely special. Both brands have been in collaboration for over 10 years now and have decided to reward the world with their creation of one of the ultimate speed boats which was unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show. Both manufacturers are pioneers in their own rights and have the core ideal of making high performance machines.

The boat has been designed for extreme performance through high speed and advanced aerodynamics, for this extensive use of carbon-fiber was used. The cabin, deck and consoles were all designed using advanced laminate analysis techniques and consist of carbon-fiber with foam cores. Other aspects of the boat have also seen reductions in weights by using lightweight materials.

Tobias Moers, the Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes AMG GmbH applauded the creation and went on to describe the level of commitment and dedication that is required to create such a machine. He went on to explain that this was most befitting way of celebrating the 10 years of collaboration with The Cigarette Racing Team.

The 2017 50′ Marauder AMG has a pair of extremely powerful engines, they are a selection of two Mercury Racing 1550/1350 QC4v (Quad Cam 4 Valve) engines and M8 stern drives, enabling the power output of the boat to reach 3,100 horsepower. The advanced technology that has been used in these engines allow the driver to switch between the engines and alter power levels by using an electronic key fob. The Race Key fob unlocks up to 1550 horsepower, requiring race fuel. The Pleasure key fob is used for operating at 1,350 horsepower with 91 octane fuel.

The styling of the boat was done to match the ludicrously impressive appearance of the AMG GTR by Mercedes. Its styling was done through a mix of inputs from Daimler AG for the exterior and AMG performance studio for the interior. To mark the 10-year anniversary of the collaboration between the two companies a logo was designed which is prominently shown on the bow of the ship. The distinctive green was used to create the immediate connection between it and the AMG-GTR. It was to revel at the fact AMG has never implemented so much technology into one of its cars as much as it has in the AMG-GTR, ranging from the 4.0L V8 bi-turbo engine rated at 577 horsepower to extensively modified suspension with new aerodynamics and intelligent lightweight construction. ‘

The alliance between Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Team began in 2007 and since then they have together produced 8 masterpieces of bespoke speedboats. The relationship has only gotten better and with time and the advancement of technology there will be something extremely special to look forward to in the future and the engineering marvels these two companies come up with.