Teaser Image: Cigarette Racing 50 Maurauder AMG Monaco Concept

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg from Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team participated in an interesting event in the build up to the Monaco Grand Prix. While both are known for their abilities with a car on the tracks, this event was off the racetrack and in the water.

While Hamilton brought along his Formula 1 car at the event, he showed off the speed of the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder AMG Monaco Concept Speedboat. Rosberg on the other hand was handling the luxurious S class- Cabriolet Mercedes motor yacht ARROW460 – Granturismo. Both the boats exhibiting Mercedes’ brand philosophy of combining style with power. Gorden Agener, head of design at Daimler expressed how each of the boats was hot and cool at the same time. Like most other Mercedes Benz products, these boats also have an endearing quality combined with a lot of power.

Cigarette Racing 50 Maurauder AMG Monaco Concept

Cigarette Racing 50 MarauderAMG Monaco Concept

This boat is not merely powerful, it is a beast in water with a couple of Mercury racing V8 engines. The engines combined produce 3100hp which enables this 50 foot boat to race at 228 kmph. Its design and technology are derived from the current version of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Racing Car. With a new building technology, the boat is built with a better load handling but is much lighter as well.

The exteriors are rich black and silver with turquoise green, a design pretty similar to the F1 car, the interiors on the other hand are derived from classic Cigarette Racing cockpit. Priced at nearly $1.6 million, the boat also has state of the art technology and Pure audio systems to make it worth your while.


Arrow460 – Granturismo

This 14m long luxury motor yacht is designed by the team at Mercedes Benz in collaboration with Silver Arrow Marine. The boat brings a completely new concept that brings together the racing performance of a Mercedes sports car and some very innovative technology from the boat industry. Built with classic automobile proportions, this 960 hp yacht also reflects a design crossover between open boats and bull cabin cruisers. The full equipped version of this 10 passenger yacht is priced at nearly 2.5 million Euros.

With the launch of Arrow460 in April 2016, Mercedes now offers world class, high performance mobility on land, water and in air.

A lesser known fact is that Mercedes shares a long history with speedboats. In 1906, Wiener Neustadt, a speedboat from Mercedes was a sensation owing to its 200 hp, Daimler 8 cylinder engine. The speedboat left huge waves while cruising through the water, thus acquiring a nickname “whale”.