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Rolls Royce is one of the most iconic car brands and the Rolls Royce Dawn has just added another feather to the cap of the company having won the prestigious “Luxury Car of the Year 2016” award from BBC’s Top Gear Magazine. The car won the award just a few days after its launch in South Africa. Most car pundits have gone on record stating that the Dawn redefines luxury for a car and is definitely a vehicle to experience. It is nearly 80% newer in terms of the body parts as compared to the previous model from Rolls Royce but is still able to give that upscale Rolls Royce appeal.

More than the brand associated, the Dawn also appeals to a mass market of young car buyers with its power V12 6.6 ltr twin turbo charged engine. The Dawn seems to be an indication that Rolls Royce is finally giving up to the ever increasing market demand of youthful luxury cars that appeal to the young and rich. It drives with an 8-speed automatic gear box. The convertible has a multi-layered fabricated roof and offers possibly one of the quietest rides as a convertible. This 4th distinctive model is probably the most mass likeable car from Rolls Royce Motor Company.

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The car is more than 5 meters long and offers adequate cabin space as well. With a front two door entry, the car is able to maintain the sturdiness as a convertible. Nearly 8% of the 2500kg weight of the car is owing to the convertible roof and its mechanism. With its own version of the BMW iDrive, Rolls Royce Dawn offers a central screen that helps to manage the important functions of the car. The car offers a smooth drive owing to the flawless design and right weight distribution, the car is not only easy to handle but also quite sturdy on road.

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If you bring all the luxuries you can possibly think of together in a car, you will end up with a car like Rolls Royce Dawn. The car is definitely an epitome of luxury and class as far as the luxury cars are considered. It reflects the commitment of each of the person that worked on the car creating a piece of luxury that is worth every penny spent on it. Rolls Royce Dawn is a result of the hard work of the more than 1500 people working in the West Sussex headquarters of Rolls Royce.

With a price tag in excess of GBP 250,000, it is definitely for someone looking for luxury and has a deep pocket to buy it!