Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Year In Bespoke (7)

For over 100 years, the Rollys-Royce Motor Cars has been at the peak of providing service to the wealthiest of the world. The company gives them a chance to bring to life their imagination and fantasies associated with the cars they own. This unimaginable amount of customization is a result of a very astute Bepoke department that has a number of talented professionals who bring to life the vision of the world’s wealthiest.

The year 2016, was another addition to the previous 100 years when Rolls-Royce continued to deliver to its customers requirements. With the Rolls-Royce philosophy of understanding the customers and delivering their vision with finesse and class, their Bespoke department achieved more creative success in the past year as well. Some of the prime examples of their executions in 2016 include:

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The Phantom Zenith Collection

In the last year of its production, the Phantom Zenith series attracted car lovers and collectors from around the world. With just 25 models of the Phantom Coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe to be produced, patrons globally got a last chance to take the base vehicle from Rolls-Royce and enhance it in every possible way to suit their taste and needs.

As a part of this special series, each owner also gets a laser engraved, removable Aluminum case with the car unique identification number.

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Some of the unique Bespoke designs came from several different parts of the world with owners asking for personal and cultural inputs in their car.

An entrepreneur from the Far East requested for a lot of intricate embroidery and art work to the car. One of the last models of the Phantom features a rear center which replicates the pattern of the tiger fur. To add to the intricacies, the vehicle also has a subtle gold coachline and motifs. The car truly reflects the artistic abilities of the makers as well as their commitment to detailing and precision.

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Another example is a Phantom Drophead Coupe commissioned for a patron from Taiwan. The car is finished in Silverlake with an Andalusian white bonnet. The Spirit of Ecstacy is engraved and made out of gold.  Since the owner is a Taiwanese, he has the Blue Magpie embroidered on the headrests. This is a tribute to his homeland, which is the only place where the Blue Magpie is found.

The above are just two examples of a list of never ending enhancements that the Bespoke department at Rolls-Royce has been responsible for to keep their clients happy and their vision fulfilled. Each Rolls-Royce serves to be a canvas of aspiration, luxury and exclusivity. Each owner has the option to make it as personalized and customized as possible.