Rolls Royce Phantom has been the epitome of success, power and money since it debuted 92 years ago in 1925.  As the New Phantom comes out, it redefines the meaning of luxury travel. Every Phantom arrived has been keeping the title of ‘The Best Car in the World’ by the cognoscenti. Rolls Royce has always set a benchmark for its cars and their revolutionary perfection, visionary engineering, aesthetic acuity and deep understanding of the world’s leading luxury travel.

The major benefits of the new architecture for the New Phantom are lightness, increased stiffness, efficient production of standard and extended wheelbase bodies and uncompromised exterior surface design.  The all-new aluminium space-frame structure delivers extraordinary car body stiffness for exceptional ‘best-in-class’ functional performance whilst also being lighter. Indeed New Phantom is 30 percent more rigid than its predecessor, leading to better ride comfort.

A double-wishbone front axle and 5-link rear axle deliver astounding levels of control.

There are 6mm two-layer glazing around the car, 130kg of sound insulation, largest ever cast aluminum joints in a body, and use of high absorption materials were used to make the most silent car.

At the heart of every Rolls-Royce of the modern period lies the power of a V12 engine.

A silent and completely new, 6.75-litre V12 powertrain have been engineered for New Phantom. It has a torque output of 900Nm at an incredibly low 1,700rpm whilst also delivering 563bhp or 420kW of power with an 8-speed gearbox.

Upfront the car is dominated by the Rolls Royce Pantheon grille. The key front to rear line begins inboard from the top edge moving outwards along the body to the rear. The front wing line fades just after the door handle. The interiors of the Phantom are all fresh inside. Every material is authentic and suits the luxury of the car. A full-grain wood, leathers that are hand-stitched, metal trim, and true craftsmanship perfectly get the attention it deserves.

The name Rolls Royce is always associated with the choice of the world’s most influential and powerful men and women and has been constantly present in history’s most defining moments. The Rolls Royce Phantom sets the benchmark for the luxury items in the world.

The luxury world shall be ahead with the arrival of the Phantom