RRMC Phantom Zenith


As the names suggests, the PPMC Phantom Zenith Collection aspires to be the best that a luxury car can be. With the collection restricted to only fifty units which comprise of both the Phantom Coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe, it is not only prestigious but also very exclusive. This limited-edition model stands out due to the distinctive interiors and various luxurious features.

Zenith Collection exteriors have special colors inspired by the classic Rolls-Royce models. Madeira Red and Jubilee Silver models are inspired by 1930s Phantom II and the Midnight Blue and Arctic White drop versions pay tribute to rare Phantom II Continental.

All these models feature fresh glass clear coat to offer mirror shine. Also, the collection features thin white tire walls that offer the invaluable vintage appearance. The collection comprises of numerous restricted-edition features in comparison to the regular two-door Phantom.

Once the door is opened you will be greeted through detailed laser maps on the armrest capping. More distinctive features include a removable polished aluminum case which is laser imprinted with the identification number, bounded with amazing application of the Best English Backing.


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The case comprises of a small piece of Phantom assembly line in Goodwood, a piece of history that no other Rolls-Royce can boast of. The RRMC Phantom Zenith Collection speedometer is fitted in a steel case, and has Blood-Orange dial tips which are a reference to Rolls Royce’s aviation inspired motif.

Phantom Coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe have front seats with light leather color and have bright themes for the rear compartment. The finest leather is used for the Zenith collection. To add to all the other customization for the collection, the trunk has also been redesigned.

A glass shelf is incorporated in the rear section of the tailgate and it is possible to position and transform into a bench for serving champagne. On the other side, there is not much trunk space left due to most being utilized by the champagne fridge for holding around two bottles and eight glasses.

The Zenith collection’s list of amazing features ends with the special Bespoke version of Rolls-Royce’s Picnic Hamper. This is not like the ones that are available other models. Zenith Collection accessories are additionally customized to suit the materials and color scheme selected by every customer. With the amount of things done to make the Zenith collection stand out, it is truly at the pinnacle of what a luxury car should be and a symbol of a rich 112 years of history.