Bugatti & Cristiano Ronaldo, names that have seen a more commonality over the past years for the sheer brilliance they hold. Both are known for being at the pinnacle of what they do. Bugatti has been at the top of the hypercar race by producing the fastest and most expensive cars on the planet and Ronaldo has now become one of the best footballers the world has seen and has won multiple awards in all stages of the game and format. It only makes sense that a collaboration between the two would be imminent.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti chiron


Ronaldo is known for his expensive taste in cars, and due to his success in his sports career he can indulge in such a habit with ease. His garage holds some of the most desired cars in the world ranging from Ferrari’s, Bentley’s and the Veyron. With the introduction of a new car to the Bugatti lineup, the Chiron, the car company wanted a review from a “Champion” to see what he thinks.

As seen through a video promo, the Chiron is driven to Ronaldo’s garage where he is pondering over his car collection trying to identify something missing from it. Bugatti’s test driver, Andy Wallace, presents the car to the football start for a test drive. Ronaldo then gives the car a good run down pushing it to the limits on an undisclosed test track. The acceleration and handling of the car are tested and the football star seems impressed. After bringing the car back to his garage, Ronaldo is shown seeming reluctant to give the car back, and only does when Wallace tells him that he has to talk to Bugatti if he wants to keep the car. Not surprisingly the car is seen parked in Ronaldo’s garage, piecing together the missing link.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti chiron 2


Its an excellent way of showing that the new Chiron is specifically made for unique individuals that have achieved great success hence its exclusivity. The campaign to include one of the most influential sports stars on the planet was a smart move on Bugatti’s behalf. Deliveries of the car begin later this year with a total number of 500 units to be made.