The Bentley Continental GT has been around for some time now, evolving into one of the most popular cars the automotive manufacturer makes. The company’s new approach of refreshing successful models has allowed them to flourish very well within their segment and the latest Continental GT is a key example of that.

The Continental GT has seen some major re-work done to the exterior and interior of the car to bring it up to date with what the competitors are offering. At first glance it might seem difficult to see what Bentley has changed but upon closer inspection it is evident that they really have been busy. The model now sits on the VW Group’s latest MSB platform, so it shares some components with Porsche’s recently launched new Panamera.

The designers have incorporated a more curvaceous approach to the car with a new technique called Super Former, this is done by heating aluminum to 500 degrees celsius in order to get unique design curves. The lights on the Continental GT may look similar to the majority of the Bentley lineup right now however they now house LED Matrix technology that Audi’s been a fan of for several years now, the benefits of being owned by the same parent company, Volkswagen. The rest of the car oozes the aspect of a classic grand tourer, the flow of lines from the front to the rear ensure a timelessly classic design.

The technology has been revamped in the new Continental GT, one of the main features includes Bentley’s Dynamic Ride system. This uses a 48-volt system to adjust electronic actuators front and rear and keep the car from leaning too much in corners, while still offering the ability to set the ride to a comfortable setting with the air suspension.

The powerplant that is pushing the new Continental GT is the iconic 6.0-liter W12 with some minor revisions. The motor now produces 626 horsepower with an astonishing 663 pound-feet of torque.. The engine sends power through an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic to all four wheels if necessary. This gets the car from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and all the way up to a top speed of 207 mph, all very impressive considering the car weighs nearly 5000 pounds. Bentley has also introduced cylinder deactivation technology which enables to shut off certain cylinders to improve fuel efficiency and reduce Carbon Dioxide levels Other engine variants will follow most likely a forced induction V-8.

The interior of luxury cars are to have zero flaws since the customer is paying a premium above all else, the new Continental GT does not disappoint. Leather and wood are two materials that have been used in abundance to give the ultimate luxury ambiance within the cockpit. The main star of the interior is the 12.3 inch center display. A touch of a button fills the center of the dash with either a slab of matching veneer, a 12.3-inch touchscreen, or a set of three classic-looking round analog gauges: a compass, a timer, and an outside-air-temperature gauge. The Continental GT offers a plethora of options for endless customization, these include 20-way adjustability and massage seats, various safety aids with regards to parking and motorway cruising and also aesthetic changes such as bigger wheels and rims.

The new Continental is already available to order, and while prices have yet to be confirmed, dealers have taken deposits from early customers. The first W12 examples aren’t expected to arrive on driveways until the first quarter of 2018. The new Continental GT is a head turner, the car has the ability to eat away miles like nothing else while cocooning its passengers in the utmost levels of luxury.