In a world that demands faster cars with more power, it becomes difficult to understand the limits of engineering that can be pushed in order to achieve something that will astonish the masses. However, there is a brand that has been able to shock and awe the automotive industry repeatedly with its creations, Ferrari is the solution. Known for its class, power and performance the company has manufactured its most powerful production car to date, the 812 Superfast.

a supercar to devour grand tours and cruise on the motorway

This supercar comes as the replacement for the F12 Berlinetta, and has filled the shoes quite well. The 812 Superfast has been built to be something that can cruise motorways and devour grand tours as well as be nimble and responsive around a racetrack.

The 812 Superfast was redesigned completely in order to create something that followed the successful design element that Ferrari is currently using but at the same time providing something fresh and unique. The bumper proves to be most obvious change with a larger intake featuring a mesh grille replacing the horizontal and vertical slats. New headlamps have also been installed in the car, with a greater accent towards the nose. Aerodynamics have also been altered for a more continuous flow of air to pass through. The hood has been reshaped into a more prominent ‘V’ shape. Dramatic changes are followed in the back of the car as well. A larger spoiler has been designed which causes an effect that depicts the rear fascia of the car to be sculpted inside the body. Brand new taillights have been installed as well, mimicking that of the GTC4 Lusso, the replacement of the FF.

A stylish sporty interior with the latest technology from Apple

The interior of the 812 Superfast hasn’t seen major changes as compared to the F12. Noticeable differences include a revised center stack with two round A/C vents instead of three, new controls on the dashboard’s passenger side, and a new steering wheel. Materials such as Aluminium have been used throughout the interior. The previous seats have also been changed with new sportier replacements. The infotainment has also been redesigned to incorporate the latest technologies such as Apple CarPlay.

The heart of the car, the engine, has also seen an increase in displacement as well as power. The 812 Superfast is powered by 6.5-liter V-12 which is producing nearly 789 horsepower with 530 pound-feet of torque to follow. This is an increase of more than 59 horsepower of the previous car. This gives the 812 Superfast boasting figures for 0-60 mph at 2.9 seconds. Top speed is achieved at 211 mph, similar to the F12. This power is sent to the rear wheels via a F1 dual-clutch transmission. The 812 is also the first Ferrari to sport Electronic Power Steering. This was implemented to enhance steering response as well as to mate in a synchronous fashion with Ferrari’s latest version of  its patented Side Slip Control, which makes the car’s powerful performance easier to handle. The vehicle controls also feature, for the first time, the Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 system (PCV) that debuted on the F12tdf. The system features a further evolution of the software that improves handling and reduces vehicle response times even further.

superfast is not just a car, its an emblem of what Ferrari stands for

The 812 Superfast is not just a car, its what Ferrari stands for, the marriage of power, performance and class. Ferrari has kept itself updated with the times and its new flagship supercar is proof of this progression.