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Ferrari’s One Program Unveils The Ferrari SP38

There’s a delightfully simple saying: “Money talks.” When one has plenty of it, conversations about bespoke cars become somewhat easier.

Ferrari unveiled in late May just such a car. The SP38 is a one off, hand made, masterpiece. Built, it’s rumored, for a Switzerland based Ferrari collector, the SP38 is based on Ferrari’s beautiful 488 GTB. Price has not been confirmed but with the donor model 488 GTB in the order of around $358, 000 USD, it’s fair to presume it’s quite somewhere north of that.

Ferrari One Off SP38

This packs a 3.9 liter twin turbo V8, producing 662 horsepower and it’s connected to a F1 style dual clutch automatic with seven speeds. As the SP38 is a bespoke vehicle performance figures haven’t been announced. However, if it is in fact the same drive-train combination it’s good for a top speed of 205 mph with zero to sixty two seen in just three seconds.

Ferrari One Off SP38

Aside from the horsepower figure to achieve this, the SP38 is a design class in aerodynamics. In profile there’s a resemblance, at the rear of the doors and the pillar, to a Lotus Exige. The body work itself was design to reflect the new owner’s “deep passion for racing.”Air-vents there channel cooling air into a tri-louvered covered engine bay that sits ahead of a small spoiler that nods to the F40.

Ferrari One Off SP38

A sharp, almost knife edged front is highlighted by slimmer headlights, replacing the 488’s bigger units. The rear is highlighted by an almost science fiction design ethos, with the rear deck spoiler wrapping around into the rear guards which themselves fold around like wings to meet the pair of exhaust tips. These are housed in an elegantly sculptured one piece that plays home to the discreet, almost invisible, tail lights.

Ferrari One Off SP38

Before being put on display in Italy at the annual Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the car was ceremoniously given a shakedown and handover to its new and very lucky owner.


David Conole

Dave Conole is the former long-term circuit commentator for Sydney Motorsport Park, has worked trackside at the Australian F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne and is self-employed as an automotive content producer.

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