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The New Ford GT Supercar; Legends Never Die

Ford GT

Legends aren’t born, they’re made

Legends aren’t born, they’re made. This rule is exemplified perfectly through the Ford GT. Supercars in their own are special way, but when it comes down to engineering brilliance and manufacturer resilience Ford has that on complete lock.

Ford GT

engineering brilliance and inspired design

The Ford GT has to be one of the most iconic cars that has come out of the automotive industry, the pedigree it holds is untouchable. From its roots tracing back to the GT 40 LeMans Champion, the car has been something absolutely special. After re-launching the icon back in 2005, the GT is back with a completely new redesign.

The latest edition has seen the emergence of a perfect matrimony between engineering brilliance and stunning design. The classic tear-drop shape has been designed to maximize the overall aerodynamic efficiency that the car can achieve. Extensive work in the wind tunnel in order to ensure that the maximum down-force is being generated has proven to be one of the major inspirations for the new Ford GT.

Ford GT

Perfect speed and poised stability

The wide front end is a reminiscent reminder of the GT 40 but the remainder of the car has been brought into the future through intelligent design cues. This adaptation to the future can be seen clearly through the new door design, they no longer have the classic feature of having part of the roof as the door as well. Active aerodynamics also play a key role in the design of the GT, featuring a multi-position rear wing that deploys when at speed helping the car stay stable as well as doubling as an air brake when required. The sculpture of the car has also been carved out to redirect air to push the rear of the car down. The suspension for the Ford GT has been upgraded as well and now is active, using inboard push-rod actuated damping, furthermore the ride height can be adjusted as well to better suit driver preferences.

Ford GT

light enough to fly

The GT was designed to be as light as possible without compromising structural integrity. Hence, the monocoque is developed using carbon fiber, whereas aluminium is used for the sub frames to keep the weight low resulting in a lower center of gravity.

The interior of the car has seen an updated fresh look applied to it. The instrument cluster is now completely digital and is augmented by a center screen touch display which features Ford’s Sync 3 Infotainment system.

Ford GT

innovative carbon ceramic braking system

The GT has a new heart, no longer is Ford using the V8 of yesteryear to power the supercar. Ford has installed its all new 3.5-Liter V6 EcoBoost engine aiming to show that innovation was a great motivation for the GT. The new engine is capable of producing more than 600 horsepower which is then being sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The GT has carbon ceramic brakes designed by Brembo to help improve braking efficiency.

Ford GT

a gamechanger for the world of supercars

Ownership of the new GT has also been restricted to applications for the car being carefully scrutinized and Ford having the final discretion who gets to buy their new car, claiming that exclusivity for this car is paramount. The new Ford GT race-car has already set the bar by winning the GTE Category at LeMans 2016. The road-car has  been poised to be a game-changer in the industry as many pundits feel that its the perfect time for the GT to enter the new generation of supercars.

True luxury lies in innovation and watching your dreams be curated into a reality. This is where the new Ford GT takes life to the next level. Visit the Ford GT website and configure your own sports supercar; from choosing launch control interiors to graphite wheels – you can piece together the ideal look for your own fast and furious Ford GT.

Ford GT

Mustafa Syed

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