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Ferrari is synonymous with supercars, however with the LaFerrari Limited Edition, a new level of open-top super car is there for the collectors and enthusiasts. The images released have already built a lot of excitement around this car. Though the technical specifications of the car are yet to be revealed, the initial examples created have already been sold out.

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While Ferrari has put a stop on the orders it is expected that there will be more news about the technical aspects of the car during the Paris International Motor Show. Some of the facts known about this open-top super car include the presence of the 800 cv V12 like the original LaFerrari and performance figures as well. The presence of a 120kW electric motor couples with the V12 gives a phenomenal output of 963 cv. It is believed that the number of units of this limited edition that will be produced will also be announced at the motor show as well.

The revealed images show that a lot of changes have been made in order to make this car a total stand out in its segment. This LaFerrari Limited Edition will have a hard carbon fibre top as well as soft removable top. The chassis of the car has been altered to a large extent in order to ensure that this open-top car has the same sturdiness of a coupe. A lot of changes have also been made to the aerodynamic design of the car so that the performance as an open-top can remain top notch as well.

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Overall the car is a exiting piece of machinery built for the collectors who want to have an open-top but want to combine the freshness of the open-top with the power and performance of a super car. Whatever, the car is named, it is definitely going to find its place among some of the most desired cars.