In the world of luxury homes, there’s grandeur – and then there’s Le Palais Venetien. Inspired by the regal architecture of Byzantium and Venice, Le Palais Venetien is an extraordinary expression of opulent design on a grand scale. Set in the star-studded resort town of Cannes in the eternally glamorous French Riviera, on an elevated six acres of pristine gardens, private forests and beautifully landscaped land, the estates commanding position offers a sweeping panorama of Cannes with achingly beautiful views encompassing the enchanting Bay of Cannes and the French Alps.

When it comes to impressive private properties, Le Palais Venetien is unrivaled, offering more fabulous grounds for exploration and enviable amenities than many luxury resorts. An afternoon coffee is divine when surrounded by the serene waters of the artificial lake with its green islands and fountains serving as the centerpiece of the south-facing lawn. Will the day take you on a stroll through the secluded woodlands, an afternoon lounging by one of the two beautifully designed swimming pools or perhaps a rousing game of tennis on the open-air court. With so much beauty to savor and activities to enjoy, the estate offers endless delight and diversion for all.

The drama and glamour of the extensive grounds are well-matched by the decadent flair of the interior design. Entering the double-height center hall elicits a thrill as light pours in from the massive skylight, sunbeams dancing about the intricate glasswork of the ornate chandelier. In the spirit of La Serenissima, the neo-Venetian interior is opulent and intricately detailed, interpreting traditional style elements such as monumental columns and exquisite moldings with a modern sensibility. Much of the interior is appointed in a rich neutral color pallet which brings a sense of balance to the extravagant architecture and lavish materials. The amalgamation of old and new styling allows for a black framed glass elevator to feel contemporary yet not out of place.

One of the particularly outstanding architectural features is the spectacular loggia connecting the main house to the central pool terrace. Housed within the elegant glass enclosure is a grandiose breakfast room. Featuring a large but impossibly charming french blue open kitchen and views of the garden, swimming pool and the infinite blue sky above, this is the perfect setting for a delectable brunch spread and perhaps bottomless mimosas.  The main kitchen is massive and equipped for preparing meals for both daily life and scaled up for lavish festivities this house is perfectly suited for.

Each of the nine residential suites will have guests retiring for the night in the lap of luxury with elegant style, alluring views and plush furnishings.  Yet in such an extraordinary home, the master suite calls for something next level. In a space fit for the royal family, the master suite boasts a private living room, two bathrooms and two walk-in dressing rooms. In style with the rest of the home, the interior is rich in texture and design, using luxurious fabrics, sophisticated two-tone wainscoting and a traditional Venetian ceiling trimmed out in intricately carved crown molding and a fresco of a dreamy blue sky with golden embellishments.

Hidden inside the traditional architecture and style of the estate, Le Palais Venetien is hiding a few contemporary surprises sure to dazzle and thrill guests. In addition to the many formal entertaining spaces throughout the property, inside finds a full-fledged nightclub with lux lounge seating, a full-size bar and a glowing black and white checkered dance floor. Other hidden treasures include a ritzy home cinema, an exceptionally well-stocked wine cellar and an indoor pool with a mirrored ceiling. Rounding out the lavish offering of amenities, the property also has a fitness center, hammam and spa.

Le Palais Ventien is an astounding 32,292 sqft of gloriously lavish interior living and 6 acres of exquisite grounds, unrivaled in grandeur and luxury. The designers have seamlessly woven the latest in-home technology into the old world styling for a fully automated smart home enabling the control of lights, music, air-conditioning, A/V systems, Security and more.

For an incomparably grand luxury compound in the city of sun and stars, this astonishing Venetian palace is offered by Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty for $132,949,258.