When in Venice one may as well live the life of Italian aristocracy and no villa captures this like Villa Benzi. Sitting on the silken waters of the Brenta River in Veneto, this villa has stood proud since the 16th century and its history is etched in the walls. History literally is etched in the walls, as they are adorned with frescoes from Ceruti depicting gentle rolling pastoral scenes. Period features can be found throughout the entire property, including exquisite antique carpets and ornate period furnishings. Fabrics from Rubelli and Bevilacqua bring a plush and sumptuous warmth to the interior without compromising on the classical nature of the interior.

The palatial like rooms flow beautifully into each other on the ground floor, taking you on an aristocratic journey from the plump salon to the lavish formal dining room bedecked in glass chandeliers and the glow of an open fire, to the library where beautiful old books line the shelves of the gleaming glass cabinets. On the ground floor you can also find the kitchen. The kitchen is a vision of wood and marble and endless mod cons. Move gracefully through to the wine cantina, the TV room and the guest suite. The potential for entertaining in this villa is unrivalled. You can only imagine the soirees, from candlelit suppers in the dining room with piano recitals in the to complement an after-dinner brandy, or lavish lawn parties that last all summer long.

Villa Benzi – where modern comforts come with an antique touch

On the first floor you will find the bedrooms.  The bedrooms are a glorious display of four poster drapes, beamed ceilings, large picture windows and lounge worthy day beds. The colors call on those noble hues of plum, mauve and lilac. All four rooms are dressed to impress with spacious bathrooms, and open living spaces. Up to the second floor and there is a cinema area with first class Bose sound system and a generous furnished studio space.

4 beautiful and well dressed bedrooms complement 9 bathrooms

Back down and out to the winter garden and beyond,  you will find endless outdoor space. Lemon trees, fountains, manicured lawns, orchards blooming with fresh fruits and fragrant herbs and even a small cabin in the woods. Once upon a time the home was owned by the Benzi Dynasty, since then it has been purchased by owners who are also architects so you can be sure that a great passion and love has gone into restoring this historic home to its former glory. They have even restored the conical ice house built by the Benzi family in the 18th century.

Guest suites, cinema rooms, and winter gardens make for a sumptuous stay

The property itself spans to a generous 600 mq, boasting 4 opulent bedrooms and no less than 9 bathrooms. The grounds stretch to a glorious 15,000 sqm so you feel like you are lord of your own park. Additional grounds features like the small casetta, shimmering lake, and ice house would be impressive enough, but the villa also comes with its own swimming pool – a rare feature in these ancient properties. Gates at the edge of the garden also lead to the flowing Brenta River, perfect for an evening stroll.

Genuine frescoes adorn the walls in finery

A vision of ancient splendor and modern comfort, and a home that doesn’t run short on character – Villa Benzi is a marvel of taste. Those who dream of a life well lived close to the gondola flecked shores of Romantic Venice are sure to fall head over heels in love with this stunning property.