There are so many reasons to fall in love with St. Barth’s – the waving palms, the warm azure waters, the tropical breeze, to name a few. But it’s St. Barth’s exceptional caliber of luxury accommodation that puts it a cut above the other dozens of islands in the West Indies.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a home more bespoke than multi-level Villa Athena, which overlooks the beach at Anse des Caye. Strikingly pulling off a modern-meets-nautical aesthetic — everything from the floor to ceiling glass windows opening to tantalizing sea views, the vibrant white furnishings, to the freestanding bathtubs and outdoor showers and shell-encrusted lamps, chandeliers, and mirrors, to the distressed wide plank flooring – this luxury vacation home is every bit of class as it is a delight.

With a bold blue, white and brown palette, artfully placed coffee-table books and chunky shells, it feels like you’re hanging out in your own private resort.

The indoor living areas include two living rooms, both inside and outside dining areas, and a bright chef-worthy kitchen. The seven bedrooms include a master suite in a separate bungalow, two “master-sized” bedrooms on the first lower level, and four bedrooms located on the lowest level, making Villa Athena the perfect size to house any of your guests.

Beyond the seven bedrooms – many with private terraces, decorated with the perfect array of nautical artwork and soft washed furniture – there’s a lush, heated swimming pool accompanied by a bar, making it the ideal central entertaining bure, lounge area, or fitness hub to catch a morning swim with a stunning view to accompany it all.

As a home-owner on St. Barth’s, a typical day for you might include going for a morning jog on the beach at sunrise, shopping in Gustavia Marina, or sailing the ornate Caribbean waters. Another day may include entertaining guests at your villa before a night on the town.

Other days, you might not choose not to leave Villa Athena at all – you may opt to spend your day basking by the pool, consuming the island’s tropical fruits while soaking in the relaxed island vibe. Either way, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

As far as locations go, Villa Athena might have nabbed one of St. Barth’s best. If you can pull yourself away from the 360-degree views of the stunning Caribbean sea and island hills in the distance, an accessible playground awaits.

Since you have the entire island at your disposal, you can be as active or as sedentary as you please. Perhaps you’ll take out a kayak or paddleboard for a closer look at the electric blue Caribbean waters. Maybe you’ll make the short drive to the Gustavia Marina, where you can find your favorite quality brands during those impromptu shopping trips. Spending your afternoon lazing on the beach (also perfect for romantic sunset walks) is another option along with organizing a massage or going for a hike around the island’s trails. Whichever you decide to do, you will be guaranteed bliss due to the sole fact that this is indeed St. Barth’s.

This genuinely private, sophisticated villa is in the ideal location for those who live to indulge in St. Barth and the yachting lifestyle it offers, as it is truly the most luxe of castaway experiences.