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Silver Service Living in Platinum Bay’s Most Exclusive Estate

In the wake of hurricane season, few spots in the Caribbean have been left untouched by the rage of Mother Nature, yet the blue of Barbados remains a blissful refuge and a bolthole from the outside world. Platinum Bay offers an extra dose of serenity and as the latest luxury gated community on the stunning silvery sands of the Platinum Coast, you can wake each day to glimmers of green against a seascape that never fails to inspire.

Only five villas made the cut for this new and highly exclusive community, all boasting between 15,000 and 19,500 ft of space, because life on these shores is too perfect to be cramped. All have private pools inviting afternoon dips and midnight swims, and all have those weak in the knees sunset views that makes `Barbados such a romantic destination.

Surrounded by stunning landscaped gardens and with a private concierge on call and endless signature shopping, dining and leisure facilities, Platinum Bay serves up the very best of the West Coast on a silver platter.

The eye pleasing villas appear to be completely unobtrusive against the natural backdrop – with pale coloured exteriors adorned with dark wooden shutters, generous railed terraces and lashings of outdoor space fringed by tropical greenery. Swimming pools with an infinity edge are more than ample, and provide the centre-piece for endless outdoor seating; with lounging sun terraces, al fresco dining spaces beneath the pretty pergola and laid back spaces for pre-dinner aperitifs.

The interior carries that delightful and fresh faced blend of creamy whites against deliriously dark wood features, with a few sugar mill plantation style features thrown in to pay homage to the history. Brazil nut coloured wood floors and french doors against billowing whites and well placed classical furniture make for timeless living, inviting personal stylisation with a splashy bright print or one of a kind art carving to truly capture the imagination.

A formal dining space invites you to sit down on elegant evenings and throw the doors wide open as you sip island cocktails and dine on lobster caught fresh from the bay. The living room is a vision of class – all double high ceilings trimmed by shutters that calls the light to stream in and carved wall panels to pull the tones together.

Six sumptuous baths and six bright bathrooms deliver full refreshment, waking up each day to pale vaulted ceilings, sparkling blue ocean views, and beautifully clean lines that seem lifted from the book of Japanese Zen ensure a mood that never drops. Again, the shutters are a wonderful feature – allowing you to keep the inky darkness in or to let the room flood with light, depending on personal preference.

Bathrooms bring a kiss of cool marble, with modern edged free standing tubs for soaking in sugar and honey with views out across the bay. We love that the bathroom features their own sliding doors so that straight from the shower, you can wrap yourself in a fluffy white robe and step out onto the terrace.

The villas also boast all those extra-special little touches that call on luxury living; from the staff quarters to the wine coolers, the super slick media room, and the fully fledged bar – everything has been considered to encourage a well-heeled laid back lifestyle beside the sea.

Yet, its also the community that makes Platinum Bay such an enviable choice for a second home. Not only do you have your own calming oasis but with direct beach access, the award winning spa services of the Sandy Lane Hotel close by, and to be within walking distance to shops and restaurants – this is platinum living at its finest. For more information on Platinum Bay contact Sotheby’s

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