The Hawker 400XP is a light jet and a heavy hitter. A major player in the light jet market for over 30 years, it has proven popular with business clients, leisure travelers and even the U.S. Air Force, thanks to its robust design and powerful capabilities. At just under 50 ft in length, this nimble aircraft can fly into smaller airports out of reach of larger planes, making it the perfect choice for those who desire quick flights and remote destinations, all without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Hawker interior

The cabin is shaped in an innovative squared-oval design to maximize space. With cabin dimensions of just under 5ft by 5ft, that translates into spacious headroom and legroom in first class leather chairs. The 400XP seats eight passengers, yet still provides room for a well-stocked refreshment galley, video monitor, and executive writing tables. Large windows, advanced soundproofing and dual zone temperature controls create a bright, quiet, comfortable space for either work or relaxation. Dual baggage compartments combine for 46 cubic feet of storage, providing in-flight access in the interior compartment and convenient storage for bulky items in the exterior compartment.

On a typical flight carrying four passengers, the 400XP has a range of just under 1800 statute miles and a top cruising speed of 535 mph. Non-stop flights can take passengers from New York to the Bahamas or San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas in just a few hours. It’s a sophisticated start to a Caribbean yacht charter or island getaway. For longer flights, its ability to access regional airports means it can quickly refuel and fly across the U.S. in only one stop.

With luxury features without the luxury price tag, the Hawker 400XP is perfect for those who appreciate versatility, speed and convenience. Charter costs average $3,000/hr. For a tailored quote contact The Best of Yachting today at [email protected]

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