From one sublime beach destination to another, skip from the crashing surf of Malibu to the serene Caribbean waters of the Turks and Caicos. Board a superyacht and set sail for the crushed pink sands of Grace’s Bay, sip rum at the infamous Conch Shack, and spend hours snorkeling and diving into the majestic Dean’s Blue Hole in this off the radar paradise. First, however, you need to get there. Here are our three favorite jets to take you from America’s sweetheart coastline to the honeymoon haven of Turks and Caicos.


Learjet 75

You will need a medium-sized jet to make the flight from Los Angeles to Grand Turk International, fortunately, the Learjet 75 can do the job in just 6 hours and 46 minutes. Hitting a speed of  432 knots, and with a range of 2060 nm, this North American jet has six seats and plenty of space to stretch out. Customizable mood lighting and a champagne bar truly takes the sting out of flying and makes it an absolute dream in this sparkly model from Bombardier.

Cost between 8 passengers: $41,284


Citation Latitude

Even faster to take you from sun to more sun is the Citation Latitude, a mid-weight jet that will do the job in just 6 hours 9 minutes and not a second to spare. With 440 knots comfortably beneath her belt and a range of 2850 nm, this jet was designed to fulfill the need of travelers wanting something taller, longer and wider. 8 seats, clever storage solutions and an onboard refreshment center mean you don’t have to wait until you touch down in the Caribbean for that rum.

Cost between 8 passengers: $51,851


Legacy 450

Speed is second nature to the Legacy 450, hitting an all-time high of 500 knots and a range of 2500 nm. This 8-seat jet will have you and your entourage lapping up those sugar soft sands in just 5 hours and 57 minutes. The Legacy is true to her namesake boasting a library quiet cabin, plenty of stand-up space, a flat floor and a choice of a wet or dry galley. With features like this it’s no wonder she has earned her weight in gold with several international awards.

Cost between 8 passengers: $89,947