The Learjet 75 is the latest offering from one of the earliest innovators in business jets. A light jet with mid-size capabilities, it has been upgraded from tip to tail, flying higher and faster than its competition, while still retaining the elegant design and attention to detail expected in a luxury aircraft.

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The Learjet 75 seats eight passengers. The cabin measures 5 x 5.1 ft, on par with other light jets, yet has the feeling of a much larger aircraft, with a slightly longer cabin, at 19.9 ft, flat bed floors, 14 windows for abundant illumination, and leather seats in a double club configuration. Already positioned for spacious leg room, the center seats have fore-aft tracking to provide even more space when not needed for passengers. Each seat comes equipped with an individual 7-inch monitor, with four executive tables installed around the cabin for busy clients needing to get work done on the go. Blu-ray player, satellite radio, VOD and Wi-Fi keep passengers connected and entertained. A redesigned forward galley serves hot and cold beverages and light meals. An exterior aft baggage compartment provides 50 cubic feet of storage.

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It can reach altitudes of 51,000 ft, flying high above turbulence and its competition. With a range of 2000 nautical miles, the Learjet 75 is good for both transcontinental flights and short hops. And with speeds of up to 534 miles an hour, an early morning flight can arrive across the country by early afternoon. Passengers can fly non-stop from Chicago to Cabo or Minneapolis to Miami, ideal for a quick getaway or yacht charter during the cold winter months.

This plane is a high value option for busy travelers. Charter rates average just under $4000 per flight hour. For a detailed quote, contact The Best of Yachting at [email protected]