Citation Encore-5

A favorite in the light jet market, the Cessna Citation Encore is one of the best deals available for business or leisure, outshining its competitors in performance and style.

The cabin dimensions are a moderate 4.7 ft high by 4.9 ft wide, but with a length of over 17 feet, it’s the longest in its class. That adds up to 307 ft3 of space to stretch out and enjoy the flight. It comfortably fits 7 passengers plus optional configurations for additional guests. Amenities include fully reclinable leather chairs, individual flat screen TVs, Magnastar200 radiophone, and refreshment center. The Encore boasts a cavernous 69 ft3 of baggage storage, including an interior compartment and forward and aft exterior compartments.

Citation Encore-2

Flying at cruising speeds of 500 mph, it’s not as fast as others in its class, but it makes up for it with an impressively long range of 1900 statute miles, connecting Boston to Cancun and Seattle to Houston. This makes it perfect for a Caribbean yacht charter, deep-sea fishing or cruising through the Gulf of Mexico. Like others in the light jet class, it offers the convenience and flexibility of using smaller regional airports with short runways, which means a greater range and choice of destinations, no matter how remote or exclusive.

 Charter costs average $2,600/hr. For a tailored quote, contact The Best of Yachting today at [email protected]